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Lightbulb Binge eating and the problem with food addiction.

I am a compulsive eater. I have dealt with Bulimia for the last 10 years and high levels of anxiety.

I have a food addiction, actually I believe we ALL have food addiction.

Since going vegan and now "high carb raw vegan" I have really had to face what is food addiction and why do we deal with it. With every cooked food I removed from my life it becomes apparent why we have these issues.

First off all processed foods were made in a factory. There are many scientists who have created these foods to make them addictive so we will continue to purchase them.

Also calorie restricting plays a big part in this! If your eating whole unprocessed natural foods you should NEVER have to calorie restrict.
For more on this look into durianrider and look for his video "Eat less, move more" the idea we need to calorie restrict but exercise more is ridiculous. How are we expected to have energy to exercise while eating less food, which is our fuel. Most people end up resorting to caffeine.

So we have the issue of physically addictive foods.

Next we have the addiction in our mind of connecting foods with good times, childhood or whatever we are emotionally connecting to the foods we eat.

Eating a fruit based raw food diet has taught me so much about myself and why I do the things we do. The main things I want to be able to share with people from my journey is that once you remove the addictive foods, the emotional addiction becomes super easy to deal with and then without almost no effort you have conquered them. I eat over 4000 calories from mainly fruits with some vegetable, I'm getting all the macronutrients (yes even protein I need and I don't deal with my food cravings like I use to. I infact had a "night eating syndrome" where I would sleepwalk in my sleep and binge out on all the processed cookies, chips and crackers I could get my hands on.

I'm just letting you all know that there is a way and you can overcome all the obstacles you are currently dealing with overeating and binging.

Peace, Love, and Fruits <3

ps. you can find me on youtube @ GetYourFruitOn, or on Facebook at "Melissa MixedUp" I share my story of losing 100 lbs in 8 months and how I finally feel like I'm on the other side.
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Good job and wonderful story I was a binger, I lost my weight on a 95% RV diet [5% raw fish and cooked eggs], and I know myself how wonderful it is to change the entire life around the diet. All my best wishes of good luck for keeping with your diet.
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Thanks. I'm dealing with this too.
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