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Default Peanut Butter/Almond Butter

Peanut butter...almond butter, nut butters in general. I love them on low cal sandwiches, but just can't practice moderation with them. Does anyone have a suggestion for how to buy these things, but avoid eating the whole jar within 3-4 days?

I was thinking of freezing little baggies with 2 TBSP portions, but I wasn't sure how well these would freeze up/thaw. Any advice would be wonderful.
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I love almond butter on slices of apple - but I find a jar can disappear too quickly as it's delicious! I haven't tried freezing it but would be interested to know if it can be done
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Justins has nut butter packets. Maybe that would work?
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Oh my gosh, I feel you on not being able to practice moderation with nut butters.. they are just so darn good. And 2 Tbsp is SO little but yet a whopping 180 calories, like what?! :/ I just don't buy any, it's always my fall back. Especially when I drizzle honey on it too, then it's game over for me haha.
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I love the mini packets, but at a dollar a pop they are just too expensive if I want a sandwich every day for lunch .
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I find it helpful to put the nutbutters on a higher shelf in the pantry (one I can't see or reach without getting a stepping stool). I also use a food scale to avoid portion-distortion, and IMMEDIATELY putting the jar back on the high-shelf and putting away the step stool.

Making it a bit inconvenient to see and reach the nutbutter turns laziness from a vice to a virtue. It also drags out the process enough that I usually "come to my senses" before overeating. As I'm dragging the footstool to the pantry it gives me enough of a "reality check" to decide that I really don't NEED the second or third helping.

I HAVE tried freezing nutbutters in snack-sized baggies and tiny tupperware-style containers from the dollar store. And it helped, but it was still way too easy to grab that second, third, or fourth little container or baggie and eat the nutbutter frozen (yum).

Having to get out the step stool, dragging it across the kitchen, reaching the nutbutter, portioning out a serving, putting the nutbutter back, putting the stepstool away.... the whole "ritual" is enough of a hassle that I'm less likely to go through it more than once or twice a day.
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I personally find it's better for me not to have a huge amount of trigger foods in the house, but freezing it might help to prevent you from going back and back.

I would also recommend buying PB with no added sugar, since for many people it's the sugar that can be a big trigger (especially if it's corn syrup), even if you don't realize you're eating it.

I think they also sell them in small packets (2 tbsps probably?). They're a bit pricier, but maybe the price will be another good motivation for saving what you have.

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I have the same problem with just about any nut butter. If it's in the house I will eat it right from the jar with a spoon. At least I know now that it's not just me! Sorry, no solutions from me, except not to have it in the house...and I just don't plan to stay away from one of the few treats I allow myself. At least it's a healthy product, comparatively speaking. No sugar!
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Have you tried PB2?

It's powdered peanut butter with most of the fat removed that you mix with water (or anything else you want), so it's around 45 calories for 2 Tbsp. I like it but tend to prefer budgeting my calories so I can have the real thing, but maybe you'll like it?
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Any food that gives me a problem, I don't allow in the house for awhile. It may help to break the developing relationship you have with the nut butters and change to another sandwich filling for awhile. I don't keep any easy access foods in the house when I feel vulnerable. I really don't care much for nut butters, but there have been times when dipping into a jar started a habit hard to break. This happened when I kept the stuff "for the grandchildren". Yeah, right. lol Find what really works for you. For me, I never say never to any food. I simply set it aside for awhile and it causes me less stress over restriction issues I deal with.
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My advice will actually differ from most people on this board, but for me, I have figured out a way to deal with these cravings. This may not work for everybody, but it works for me--

I used to binge on peanut butter. I could eat half a jar in one sitting. Then I would hate myself for doing it, throw the PB away, and resolve never to binge on PB again or keep it in the house. But when I deprived myself & I told myself I wasn't allowed to have it, etc, it just made the cravings worse.
Basically I was either bingeing on it, or not eating it at all.

So, I started eating 1-2 tbspn a day on a slice of toast for breakfast. Without fail, I did not deprive myself of 1-2 tbspns a day, and the binges stopped because I knew I was allowed to eat it the next day for breakfast. Yes PB has a lot of calories but they are healthy fats and very filling.

This worked for me.
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Staying the Same
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There was a time where I just couldn't have them around.

I just didn't buy them. You're not missing much by getting protein and fat elsewhere. When you feel more in control, try having some again. Trial and error, trial and error.

Portioning things has no impact on me. I'll just have multiple portions.
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I totally agree with LucyRic....
I mean PB2 might be a good switch
Plus, you could totally put the 2tbsp in the little baggies, then just add water and BAM
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Get it out of the house my friend.

I could only buy natural no oil/sugar/salt stuff in a 1 Kilo tub!! Its the only one I will eat and I love it, never liked PB that much before but it had turned into a new trigger, I would crave pbj sambos and get that relief kind of feeling like eating a tub of ice cream, that i dont even really get with ice cream anymore.

I have conquered the food in the house issue, its when I go outside now..
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I am similar to ravensglen3

I am addicted to PB. I have eaten a PB and jelly sandwich every day for lunch for over 5 years. I am not kidding. Even on the weekends it is the only thing I want for lunch. I don't feel like myself if I don't have PB and I have found that if I don't have it for lunch I end up bingeing on it later in the day. I'll say "I haven't had PB today so I need peanut butter cups or pb/choc ice cream". So I eat a PB sandwich everyday.

I only buy organic all natural PB which is just peanuts and salt. No added ingredients (sugar/oil). It tastes better and is much better for you. It is so filling that I actually use less than 2 TBS on my sandwiches. Buying bread with smaller slices helps that too. My jelly is also all natural no extra sugar.

So my advice would be buy high quality PB, bread, and jelly or use bananas for a topping. Make one amazing sandwich and enjoy it.Then tell yourself you can have it again tomorrow
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