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Default Air Freshener triggering??

Sooo....I went to Wal-mart today and they had these little scented-wax melting jar things on sale (like Scentsy but WAY cheaper) for ten bucks, including two bricks of scented wax. I picked one up and came home and plugged it in. The wax scent I put in it was "Oatmeal Cookie." OMG it smelled SO good. It really smelled like a pastry, not just like generic cinnamon or vanilla like I've noticed a lot of scented things do when they say they're supposed to smell like a baked good. And the smell really permeated the house. I took a nap and I could smell it in my bedroom all the way from where it was sitting in the kitchen. So, now my house smells delicious and I couldn't be happier with this purchase I keep thinking about snacking on sweets! I think my air freshener may be a trigger. Has this ever happened to anyone else? I think I'm gonna go make some spicy tea and hope that helps. The other brick of wax I got is more floraly-citrus-y scented, so hopefully I won't want to eat it!!!
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Yes! I have this sugar cookie air freshener that makes me want to eat cookies. I avoid the cookie aisle when I go grocery shopping because when I do buy them I eat them all in a day.
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I think different scents overall can generate different feeling, some of them as strong as an actual urge to eat! I read a little bit about aromatherapy and I know there are certain scents that help you curb your appetite while some increase it (especially good for picky eating children etc). I don't know about the one you had specifically, but it could be just the simple scent of cookies triggered your mind to connect this with the pleasure of eating one as well, making you want to fullfill that desire. I stay away from candles that smell like cookies or anything sweet like this for this exact reason. I tend to stay wtih scents that aren't typically easily eaten lol
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