Chicks in Control Overeating? Binging? Share uplifting support and gain control!

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Smile serious problem with binge eating.

Hi, I have just joined and I thought I would share my story.

My weight started piling on when I started high school. I didn't have many friends, and food was a real comfort for me, which started the cycle. I would be called fat, and because I got upset I would eat...

I have a real problem with binge eating, I can eat an 11" pizza and a large curry with cheesy chips for one meal, and I just don't seem to feel full.

Also, not having any support from my family makes me feel even worse.

I have decided I need to do something about my weight or I will be stuck in the cycle forever.

It is good to know I'm not alone
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You arent. Ive been maintaining/ fluctuating for the past 2-3 months bc I just cant seem to kick my binging either. Sometimes I actually feel like I need to speak to someone. I cant say its really extreme but the fact that I feel so out of control sometimes is scary.
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Also binge problem here...just wanted to mention there is something I have found that helps...switch the foods that you are binging...grilled vegetables is super filling and low-calorie..also like to binge Shirataki noodles for 40 calories a bag..I will sometimes eat three bags of them with spaghetti sauce and parmasean...think about what foods you like that will give you that full filling without the calories..

also to contemplate is WHEN this is happening..for years I was a night time binger..I would wait until my family was asleep and then pile my plate high of whatever I could find...when I changed my life I decided to go to bed WITH my family 99% of the time...

another thought too is to consider the foods listed low on the Glycemic Index it possible that your blood sugar is so high and spiking so rapidly that you are overeating and binging because of what you are putting in your body

eta: get yourself on a normal and routine eating schedule and stick to it...binging is much more probable for me if I have allowed myself to be ravenously hungry...high quality proteins and whole grains can keep you feeling full and keep you in check w/binging too..

good luck to you

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Wow, you are not alone. I am still new to this wensite. I am so good during the day. I have noticed that at night I am starving, especially after taking my allergy pill, I literally feel like my stomach is rumbling. I dont crave sweet stuff, I crave textured food. So after 10pm, I will go into my kitchen and makes about 6 pieces of toast and slather it with butter. its worse because I live alone.... I also crave nigerian food, which is also heavy on carbs. After eating ALL of that I feel so bad, I mean really bad. I then lay in bed and berate myself about my inability to achieve any of my goals. My internal dialogue becomes very negative. I FINALLY said... ENOUGH.

So, while I am not perfect just yet, I have lost 6lbs or so this month, I go to the gym at night so I am too tired to over eat. I try and go to bed early. I am also working on eating just 2 slices of toast instead of 6. I am learning to say "no" to myself.

I know that it is tough when you feel like you have no support. I understand. I have a great family but I dont want to depress them with my problems. I also live alone and it gets so incredibly lonely but working out makes me feel good. I am happier and I feel like I can accomplish anything when I work out. I know I am rambling as usual. I think diet is key but working out is good for the soul.
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You are so so so not alone! I had thought I "kicked" my binge problem for good a few years ago and last night, I found myself on a mini-one (and by mini, I mean 1500 cals worth) compared to 5000 cals +. Well, that binge was not only sobering but also very humbling. And I realize how incredibly vulnerable to binging I still am after all this time.

The cause in my case is multiple things. I didn't have enough money to buy groceries until today and therefore ate snacks around the office all day. Zone bars, granola bars, chocolates, popcorn. Well, snacky food is the #1 trigger for me. Hands down. When I start with the processed/packaged snacks, no matter how "healthy," I cannot stop. The only thing I can do well with is packaged dry roasted peanuts. Everything else is a mess for me!

I binged on Zone bars, granola bars, and high fiber cereal for goodness sakes!!! This is why I do NOT buy this stuff at home. But being overly tired, having some emotional struggles, and too broke to buy food, my defenses were way way down on all fronts and all the old habits came flooding in.

Anyway, my book-long post here is all to say we all have triggers and you are not alone in this struggle. Like Skinnyelle mentioned, I am scared at the lack of control I have in binge mode. Literally yesterday, I was scared as I was shoveling food in (ended the day at 3400 cals after believing I would stop at 1900), because I couldn't stop until there was nothing else left to eat. The only reason it didn't turn into more is because I had wiped out all the snacks I brought home with me from work and the last $3 in my wallet was spent. That was the end of it.

And today, I feel hungover, mildy depressed, incredibly bloated, and (you guessed it) HUNGRY. The silver lining is I do believe we are all capable of gaining control over binging. This is a great place to start. It's really helpful for me when I start to recognize patterns that lead me to binge, as I know it's never random. Good luck. Many many hugs to you!!! Keep posting

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I'm on a Low Crap Diet
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I have finally figured out why I binge. It's 1/2 physical & 1/2 mental.
If I keep my blood sugar stable (ie. staying on plan and staying away from sweets & white stuff) half my battle is over. If I try to stay positive and in a good frame of mind the other half of my battle is over. Of course it's always easier said than done.
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My gosh...I certaintly feel your pain. I have been doing pretty good with my binge eating. I still do it but not near as bad or as often. I have been attending Celebrate Recovery and AA for binge drinking and I think it has helped me with my binge eating. Just know that you are not alone and try, try, try to feel some LOVE for yourself!!!
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It's so tough when you don't have a supportive least you can come here and get loads of support. I still struggle with binge eating. I don't think that will ever stop but the key is to just dust yourself off and get right back on track as soon as possible. I also think it's important to recognize your triggers and to have a plan of action if the urge to binge strikes.
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You are definitely not alone. I am also an emotional eater, a binge eater, a stress eater, you name it.
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