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Unhappy Obsessing, can't stay on track...

Hi there everyone!
I am new to 3FC. I came across this website almost a week ago while starting the South Beach Diet. I am trying to lose 20lbs, and although I may not be super overweight, this has been such a challenge.

I am not 100% sure if I am a "compulsive overeater"....but I seem to fit the description. I have only been this way for about 3-4 years. I noticed it my first year in college, when I was very homesick. I started eating EVERYTHING I came across, whether I was hungry or not, it didn't matter....and I'd feel horribly guilty after. But it seemed like I had fooled myself into thinking that would take away from the feeling of missing home so much. It DIDN'T.....I'd lay awake for hours at night feeling so guilty. The next day I'd try to excercise some to help me cope with the excessive eating (calories)......but then I'd do it all over again, it was a vicious cycle!

After I came back home I was able to lose some weight and not be as obsessed, but now I seem to be struggling with it again. It's like I eat and am just not content, and continue eating more (not too excessive) and when it comes to sweets I just have to HAVE some each day....and I don't feel satisfied with a brownie or a cookie, but I have to eat several, and then I feel guilty. I feel like everyday I have failed. I have been able to successfully do the SB Diet without any MAJOR cheats as far as food goes....however I have been eating too large a portion, and have been snacking on nuts more than allowed. I am also vegan (since the begining of the year -never cared for meats and then decided this would be a healthier lifestyle). I am satisfied being vegan, but I have been eating large portions, and just feel like I have a void and somehow food will fill that. SB has been making these symptoms worse -particularly the last few days, but I have to stick with it! I only have a week left of phase one, so once I get back to grains and fruits, it will be my regular "diet". I have tried calorie counting, but I just end up writing and totaling breakfast/lunch and then forgetting about it, or going out of the "boundaries" and feeling guilty so why bother.

Thank you for reading, I hope that someone out there can relate and give me some help/advice, and how you overcame the obstacles.

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med54, sorry you are going thru this...Know you are not alone...I read a book that was helpful... the Beck Diet Solution. I've found that when I binge, it's eating to feel a void and not hungry. When you eat and you weren't hungry, it's hard to know when you are full (or satisfied)
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I can relate completely! I'm a compulsive overeater and it sounds like you may be, too. It's good if you can nip this in the bud while you're young. Someone recommended the following book to me:
The End of Overeating by David Kessler

Also, you may want to find a counselor who you can talk to about any issues or stressors that may be going on to cause you to turn to food.

You deserve to be happy and healthy so take whatever steps are necessary to get there! Take care of yourself!
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