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Default Binge Free Challenge: 7.11.11 - 7.17.11

Welcome to the binge-free challenge!!

This is a place where you can come in and talk about binging. Feel free to post about your successes and your struggles and keep track of how many days you've been binge free. You can also vent about anything and everything you feel like getting out. We are here to share our feelings and to encourage and inspire each other.

No negativity! We are strong chicks and I KNOW we all can do this!! And we don't have to do it alone, we have each other to get us through the rough times.

ALL chicks are welcome -- no one is excluded! If you are trying to lose weight, not trying, maintaining, recovering from an eating disorder, in the midst of one, or have ANY kind of problem with food, we would love to have you join us!!

Jump in head first!!! We WILL catch you!
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Hi Everyone,

This is my first post, but I have been lurking around for a couple weeks. Am hoping to gain some support/accountability by joining in on your challenge.

Long story short...I suffered from an ED when I was younger, but was able to overcome and eat pretty normally up until this past year, after I had a baby. In my struggle to lose the baby weight, I often found myself binging because I wasn't eating enough. I finally found a good place and was binge free for about 3 months, lost all the baby weight and felt great...until Christmas time when I had a two week span of struggles. I started a new workout/diet plan mid-January and felt great. Then my mom passed in February. I did ok for a few months, but come April I spent a lot of time binging and then trying to get back on track to lose what I gained while binging. I was miserable. A lot of what was happening was related to feeling lonely and dealing with the grief I felt at losing my mom. I told myself come May 1, I had to stop binging and get back to being normal. I was able to do so for the most part (one slip up in May), but then we went on vacation and I binged when we got back and a few more times in June, although I hit my lowest weight at one point. It seems since July started I have been one big binge. I've binged the last 5 days despite telling myself numerous times I need to stop. I feel so disgusting, and am pretty much sure I have gained back probably about 4-5 pounds once all the bloat weight comes off. This isn't necessarily a bad thing, as my hubby wanted me to gain a bit because we are trying to get pregnant again and he thought I was too thin...but me...I didn't want to gain it like this. I start every day extremely hopeful and full of resolve...and then I start thinking about binging and say what the heck why not? I'm honestly miserable and want to kick this so badly. For myself and my little girl, who I do NOT want to pass along my disordered way of thinking about food.

So, tomorrow is day 1 again. I feel day 1 is often the hardest, but if I can get up and exercise in the morning (haven't exercised the last 5 days), and start the day right, I'm hoping I can fight the binging thoughts.

Thanks for letting me join everyone!
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welcome heather.

k, i am officially a week binge free. yesterday was so disappointing to me. my weight was 2 lbs up. I am still trying to lose baby weight, and now 2 lbs up????

it's a good thing I didn't resort to binging, I hate being over 200 lbs. It is like some stigma to me! Well, i've been doing my best to eat ok, MOSTLY not binge.

today, i just woke up and was like screw eating. I drank a cup of lightly sweetened chai tea and went until 4pm. Kind of like an IF. fasting always resets my binge mentality.

so far so good. I ate a few things and now I am not wanting any more food until dinner. I'm sipping on some green tea.

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Made it through the weekend w/o a binge even though I was really thrown for a loop in my weekly weigh in (no gain, no loss). I've been upping my activity, so I was expecting something; but I kept a handle on it, talked with people about my disappointment vs. stuffing my face, so I'm proud of myself.

I found out there is an OA meeting near my house (I checked awhile ago, but they were all way too far away for me to be able to get to and still do my other obligations like taking the kids to school, ect.) so I think I will check them out too.

I find that I am really craving some face to face or voice accountability. I have some great friends that would be happy to listen to me, but none of them have BTDT and sometimes it's just more comforting or more accountable to talk to someone who has been there, heard/said all the excuses, who isn't going to poor you me OR react in disgust. So we'll see.
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day 4 without a binge.

Pretty impressed with myself today.

My mum bought some cake home and offered me some, and I didn't even feel like eating cake. I don't think I've ever not wanted to eat cake.

In the past on times when I've refused cake it's always because I know that I'll feel guilty if I eat it and that I'll probably want more after eating a slice and pick at it. I hope this a turning point and not a fluke due to me being under the weather.
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Jendiet - 1 week, congraaaats!

I am sittin here, going CRAZY and craving chocolate like absolute mad. I ate fruits to try to get rid of the chocolate craving, but it's going nowhere. Oh goodness, i NEED to get through this day/night.
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Have made it through 4 days without binge, over eating or even straying off plan...just getting through the weekend is a major accomplishment. Made my sister take the ice cream she brought for bbq desseert (my husband's favourite flavour)...I do not trust myself in the house with it!.
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I'm on board! I've been binge free for the last 3 days (the most in ummm month.. maybe yrs.. teehe) ... .. . I feel like a normal person. I gonna keep this rolling on.

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Day 2 is going well so far...hoping to end on a good note...
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Blew it yesterday, Day 1. The stress of mentally and physically preparing to leave Japan has hit me like a hurricane, but I can't blame everything on that.
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Day 3 no binge eating and following eating plan,lots of planing ahead helps.Increased protein helps me stay full,greek yogurt and 2 tbsp peanut butter saved me from the candy monster.
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Day 1- yesterday I overate( no binge), I also count overeating cause there is no reason I should overeat either & it can lead to a binge, it's better I stay away from both & eat healthy til I'm full, like I should. Went fine today, even have fat free black cherry frozen yogurt here, I bought it myself so i can make ice cream cones. I have to trust myself sooner or later, so I thought I'd try today. Only had 2 servings on an ice cream cone, after lunch. Then put it away & I didn't touch it since then. I figured i can always have more tomorrow if I want it.
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Ack, I took a sleeping pill and am about to go to bed! I'll try and do personals tomorrow- I'm so bad at this!

Anyway, today was Day 17! Getting close to making it three weeks!
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my brain is like soup too. just wanted to check in. I turned in my 1st paper, and didn't realize how ill prepared i am for that...going to grab little guy and bf to sleep. post more tomorrow.
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week one done... despite high stress and low exercise this weekend... lets see if i can make it two weeks binge free... i am not counting overeating yet since it is just overeating and not a binge... i hope the scale moves in the right direction soon but i have to focus on what is more important and that is having a healthy relationship with food!

stay strong ladies!
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