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Default Staying in control when travelling

I travel about every other month for work, and I'm normally away for about 4 days at a time. I seem to go completely off the rails every time this happens. I become completely self indulgent, I rationalize and make stupid choices that I always regret later. I make choices that I normally wouldn't make, like eating dessert in a restaurant (I don't even like desserts!).

Does anyone have any tips for traveling? How do you stick to your plan? What do you do when you are tempted?
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If you can, stop in a grocery store and buy yourself some healthy snacks (yogurt, granola bars, etc) and use them to take the edge off before eating out. It'll be easier to order a salad or skip dessert if you've already got something in your stomach. And just keep reminding yourself that travel doesn't mean the calories don't count. Not always a fool proof plan, but mental is more than half the battle.
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I fly >25K miles a year and what seems to work is to have a travel plan. If you are away for several weeks in total a year, it sounds like you need a travel plan also.

Here are some things to consider, so that you can set yourself up for success.

1) Find your Airport go tos!
- Make a list on your phone of go to snack spots and restaurants.
- For example, Im in San Fran and I know SFO's healthiest options for Terminal 3 are a)sushi b) sammich shop with tuna salad wrapped in lettuce and c)2 specific snack spots that have roasted unsalted almonds + luna bars.
- Do this for at least at your home airport, and if possible also for your frequent layover and destination airports
- Food on airplanes is loaded with sodium and sugar, do not depend on eating it or on waiting until you land...delays can happen and you can be starving and cranky

2) Bring food with if you can
- In the best of worlds I pre-pack food for the plane and carryon that is liquid free and will sustain me in emergencies. This is rarely the case. Im usually swamped and working until the hour I leave!

3) Find your city go tos
- If you travel for biz, you may or may not have any flexibility over where you go to eat...
- Spend 5m on and look up options, so that you can at least make a healthy suggestion if that door is open
- Forget travel, I have my "best restaurant bets" that I ask for even if they are not on a menu. Lean meat grilled or baked, veggies grilled/baked/steamed/lightly sauteed (ask for no butter and very light oil). All sauces and dressings on the side. And re: dessert, dinner indulgences can be kept to a minimum by following this rule: bread or booze or dessert, choose ONE. Dont apologize for asking for them to make your order as you like, do be appreciative and tip well.
- I go to Philly so often its my 2nd home and I often dine at the exact same spots. And ask them to take the bread away

3) Breakfast/Lunch planning + grocery
- If you can, buy groceries (even from like a 7-11) for breakfast and lunch. What is healthy at a 7-11 for bfast and lunch? Bananas, oatmeal, tuna, yogurt, luna bars, etc. There are options!
- If you can make it to a real grocery store, even better
- Keep some back up Luna bars in your bag in case lunch is fast food with a group or something similarly unsuitable.

4) Minibar + room service
- just say no!
- I love the Ritz because they dont stock the mini fridge. I call ahead and ask mine to be emptied.
- Room service is a huge temptation for me. I do best when I dont indulge other than breakfast now and again. I go for oatmeal with fresh berries and english breakfast tea!

5) What happens when you get home?
- Make sure that is part of the plan too. When I come home to groceries in the fridge but a sink full of dishes, I dont cook. If I come home to no food at all, I may order takeout. Have some freezer options at least!
6) Workouts?
- Are you bringing the workout shoes and clothes? Is there a gym in the hotel? Park outside?
- I am better at being on track when Im working out, so even for 3day trips I often bring my gear and never take more than a carryon.

Its cool to see some trips at true vacations where you are more liberal in your approach. But when its on the regular, or just for people who tend to do better with a regimen, planning really helps.
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I find that eating off the dollar menu at fast food restaurants is way cheaper and there is much less calories in that stuff than in restaurant foods. For example, I think a grilled chicken wrap from McDonalds is around 270 calories. Eat that and some yogurt and you should only be around 430 calories.
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I pack protein bars and nuts in my suitcase, along with some of my favorite tea bags.

On the plane, I always carry single serving nut packages and protein bars. I often allow for airport "splurges" like a SF latte. Sometimes I will buy a single dark choc truffle or single square of chocolate for the plane. A small indulgence that works for me.

As a moderate low carb person, I go for grilled chicken entre. I can find it almost anywhere. Some veggies on the side and I have a lunch or dinner that is on plan.

I often eat a meal replacement bar or shake for lunch on a day that I will be eating out for supper. That way I have a few carbs and calories to spare.
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I like the above suggestions. I also cary lots of gum with me because when I travel, a piece of gum can really take some of the edge off. Also, if I have a protein bar, I'll try to pair it with a coffee or tea so that I get that full sensation. I like to take raw almonds and hard boiled eggs and some celery. It depends on how long the flight is, of course. I also try to eat at places that I Subway. I also like Chipotle for a healthy fast food meal....but they don't have those everywhere. I'll usually try to find a health food store since they often have very good options.
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