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Default I put down the Cheez Its!!!

Pretty much my whole adult life (I'm 30), my days have been seperated into two catergories: Dieting or Binging. I either stay disciplined and within a 1500/1600 calorie range... or I am binging (usually at night) and consuming AT LEAST 3000 cals, sometimes within just hours.

So...Monday I stayed on plan. Tues (yesterday) I barely ate anything all day, I was very busy, then at around 10pm I came home and ate some rice with shrimp and broccoli. Great. Poured a glass of wine and had some fruit. Okay. Then, at around midnight my husband went to bed, but I wasn't tired so I grabbed the Cheez Its and more wine. Already it's starting, and you probably know what I mean... I'm making a mental inventory of what I have in the house to binge on and what order I'm going to eat it. I'm thinking, put a pizza in the oven, eat cheez its and more wine until it's done, then something sweet like poptarts or cereal....

And then I started thinking how late I'd have to be up to do this, probably another two hours (binges take time! lol), and if I'm up until 2am I'm going to feel like crap in the morning and is that fair to my kids? And to myself? So.................... I put down the Cheez Its!!!

I had still gone over my calorie limit from the Cheez Its I DID eat, I had about 1800 cals for the day, but that's ok. Because 1800 is a lot better than 3000 and feeling like crap about it. I may not have lost anything yesterday but I probably didn't gain either. I feel good today. I rarely EVER stop binging once the idea is in my head, so I feel like it's progress.

Anyway, writing this down I feel sort of like a crazy person, but I just wanted to share! If *I* can stop a binge I know everyone else can!! And it really felt great being in control... just saying NO MORE and going to bed. I don't know why it's so hard for me most of the time, but it really is. But I'm going to continue to try this, hopefully it's a habit I can start that's actually a GOOD habit!
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Congrats on putting down the cheez its!! I know when I don't have a regular sleeping pattern and scedule my body get's screwed up and I binge. Like when I was working two jobs I'd be up until 11pm, up at 5am, sleep between 2:30 and 4:30 in the afternoon, eat around 7pm and and snack around 9pm when I got home. Not good! Not to mention the amount of snacking I was doing at my full time regular 6 to 2 job. So I'd say you reconized it and now get to bed earlier !
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That was awesome!
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I know how hard it is to put down the food and walk away. Fantastic job thinking it through. You did a great thing. I now use, "If my kids caught me eating like this, what would they think?" That has worked for me to put down the chips (and to not eat them at all!)

Kudos! You deserve it.
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Thanks for the support!

Sheramama- yes, that's a great idea! I often think of what it would be like to tell someone honestly (my husband, mom, friends etc) exactly the amount of food I ate during a huge binge. Embarrassing!! Just the thought makes me a little less hungry.....
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What is it with the dang Cheez-It's???? I have a problem with them myself. I never buy them at home but they are always around at work. Sometimes I find myself eating a 1/2 a box in one sitting and then of course, I have to buy more to replace what I have eaten. It's all stress and mindless eating. I am never hungry when I grab the box and the worst is that I eat so many. So here's to you RJ1980!!! I'm putting down the Cheez-It's too!!! Just know that I'm here struggling with you!!
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