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Exclamation Trigger Foods.....

Over the weekend when I went shopping I picked up a small bag of lollipops and about 1# of red hot dollars. I have a sweet tooth....DUH...and figured that if I was having a sugar craving that having a lillipop or a red hot dollar would proabably be a good idea.

Now here's the odd part....I'm o.k. with the lollipops but forget the red hot dollars. I can but DID NOT eat the whole bag of those things. Why is this? Then after eating them I found myself looking around for other things that I could eat...just to eat not because of hunger. I wonder why I"m o.k. with the lollipops but not the other candy. They both have sugar in them and the lillipops have a tootsie roll in the middle so they are on the chewy side too.

What trigger foods do you have?

I use to think it was ANYTHING that had sugar in it and now I'm rethinking that one.

Share...Share...Share..... PLEASE
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I have a bakery as my living. I seldom eat my own pastries and donuts because for some reason I consider them a job and if I eat them then that is less money in my pocket. My trigger foods are Wendy's,Chinese, and anything sweet. Usually once I have one then a weeks worth of messing up follows for me until I can FORCE myself back on track
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Default Lots of Triggers!

I eat compulsively, so just about anything can be a trigger, but here are my big No-No foods.

Ice cream. Give me a half gallon container and a spoon and leave me alone! I always say 'just one taste' and then I end up waiting for my husband to go to bed and I sitting in the dark with the container.

Cheese Puffs. If I have one, I can't get enough of them. It's funny, because I won't eat cheese like that, or even potato chips, it's the cheese PUFF that I go nuts for. Maybe it's the combination of the flavor and the texture that makes me want them. I don't know for sure. . .

Cakes/breads. Let's just say anything that goes with coffee! I love drinking coffee, which isn't necessarily so bad, but I always want something to go with it. Coffee cake, quick breads, pound cake, short bread, and on and on. I still drink coffee, but I'm trying to switch off between that and hot greeen tea so I won't have the sweets craving.

I'm glad to have found this website so I can get a lot of this food stuff off of my back! You have no idea how much better I feel knowing that I'm not the only one with serious food issues!!

Thanks for listnening,

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I'm glad that your here with us too.

I too am a coffee drinker. Dont think I could function without it and let's not talk about the headaches that I get when I go with it. It's not nice.

Keep posting with us. Together I think that we can all kick food to the curb!!
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Good topic! Oh binges can be triggered just by eating one bad thing that I shouldn't have or by standing near cake or something with lots of carbohydrates for too long. Mostly I got for sweets and chocolates, but other times I will order way too much chinese or pizza. Oh..another big one is cereal!! Ok..I need to stop talking about them before i induce a binge episode.
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macaroni and cheese. doesn't matter what kind, instant w/ powder, instant with pouch of sauce, frozen, homemade... i can't eat it without bingeing and i can't binge on it without throwing up.

i have learned to not eat it.

cereal is another horrible one. I can't eat one bowl of cereal, i have to have at least two... two of those BIG bowls you know that hold like 1/4-1/3 of the box.

this is especially bad because cereal is so darn expensive.
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Anything, everything. Drive thrus are a big trigger for me. I'm always thirsty, so I say I will just get a "diet coke". I can't do it though, I order everything that looks good at the time (which is everything) and then I say, why bother with a diet coke and just get a regular coke.

For me, it's about eating what no one sees you eat. Eating while I'm cooking, packing up leftovers, cleaning up the dishes. Isn't that disgusting? Or the night before trash day when I need to clean out the fridge. Throw it out or eat it? Hmmm....Gross, huh??
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S/C/G: 300/too much/155


I dont have a trigger food, when that emotional "hole" feels empty, it gets filled with everything, and lots of it
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