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Default Last night

I ate 4 bowels of cottage cheese and tomato, a cheese burrito, a hamburger and tater tots, a whole bag of ranch pretzels, a breakfast sandwich and a whole lot of in between things I refuse to remember.

I weighed myself this morning with a 6 pound gain. I'm trying to tell myself that a lot of it is just water weight but GOD it's hard seeing that.

But today I start fresh. I am writing this so I can confess about my horrible night but forget about it today. Today I am gonna start fresh, and I hope you can too

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Keep your chin up, and start today a new. Don't beat yourself up. We have been there (I have CERTAINLY been there, eating everything in sight) Good for you for having the courage to come on here and confess what happened this weekend. Try not to beat yourself up. Don't look back, look forward. Good luck to you!!!!
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That sounded like an appetizer to me Kidding aside, I know exactly how you feel having been there many, many, many, many times myself -- and then some. Those particularly bad instances I seem to have erased from memory. Sometimes they were so horrible, honestly, what you just described as having eaten was really just the beginning of an epic binge.

Today is a new day. Remember that, don't be too hard on yourself, refocus and re-calibrate and don't get on the scale for a while because it's too depressing. Those extra 6 lbs will go away soon. Also, try to determine what triggered you last may help prevent in the future and most importantly, help you understand yourself better.

Xoxo and a big big hug.
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Ah, that sounds all too familiar. Get rid of the evidence and focus on being kind to yourself. You might not be able to go right into "on plan" deficit eating right away, but that's okay. Celebrate the victory of not binging. I know for many people, myself included, if I binge one day I am going to want to binge the next day too. A restrictive mindset doesn't do anything for me except make me feel worse about the inevitable next binge.
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sounds familiar to me..just take it day by day with a goal of being healthier and not binging. you can do it!
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Totally familiar territory! I have started to pay attention to my thoughts when I'm shopping and if I start to buy 'treat' foods 'for my hubby' I won't walk far with it in my basket before I realize I'm thinking about eating it myself and I put it back.

I've reached the point where I admit I cannot have anything in the house that's simple carbs loaded......I WILL EAT IT! So now when I crave like crazy my binges are on fresh veggies and fruit. I can still eat enough to keep an elephant alive for a week but it's not nearly as damaging and it doesn't encourage the binge to continue.

Also living 5 miles from the nearest source of 'treats' helps me enormously.

Shake it off......try to have a couple of perfect days and that weight should fall off pretty quickly. YOu have to think most of it is just bulk from the actual food weight? right?

One day they are going to invent a drug that will calm our brains when they go off on a tangent like that........we can only hope.

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