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hi everyone! i found reading all your posts very helpful and inspirational. i am losing weight very slowly now, but in the past have been a binge eater and hoping not to go back to that. it is a good reminder that others go through similar struggles and come out on top. i wish you all happy holidays. take care.

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Thru much soul searching I have figured out that I binge for 2 reasons. The first being stress(very common). The second is it seems that while I am binging that food is my friend, someone who close to be always.
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Hi ladies. I have read all of your posts and I to have a problem. It sounds to me that most of us have compulsive eating disorder instead of bingine. I could be wrong so don't get mad at me. I know for me the main difference is that I eat in front of poeple. I have no problem with that. The problem is that I eat in front of people and also alone. I eat large quantities. I know I hit the 2000 cal mark quite often. I really noticed it last night. All I did was think about what I had in the house to eat. As soon as I walked in the door I was shoveling in fudge and cake as fast as I could find it. The light bulb went on as I was cutting a piece of apple spice bread. I had just finished my dinner (it was bad for me too) I was standing in front of the counter and juts grabbed a knive and as soon as the piece was cut it was gone. I really don't even remember if I chewed the stuff. That is awful! Then I ended up eating a half of one of those chocolate oranges. HALF!!! Here I was just blaming the bad eating on the holidays.

To make all of this worse I am the executive director of a fitness center and I am acting like this. I am not a big fan of therapy so I am going to go look for a book today after work. Maybe that will stop me from eating for a little while. One of the other symptoms I read about is that you are afraid to tell anyone b/c of how they will react. I don't want to tell my husband b/c I think he will think that I am weak. I just got put on serzone for social anxiety and that was tough enough telling him about that. I have no idea how to tell him what is wrong with me. Does anyone have any suggestions?
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I am a binge eater, no doubt about it. I can diet no problem but if I give myself permission to mess up that is it...I am eating non stop for a week until I can get a grip on it again. I lost 135 pounds and then gained back 76 of it. I have since lost 31 of those pounds...Again. I messed up on Christmas eve and have been chowing ever since. I really am having a hard time getting a grip on it this time even though I know it is only hurting me.It seems that if I eat something I have been craving there is just another craving to take it's place and I can not rest until I eat it.I am so sick of feeling like a freak for the way my mind works.
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