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Exclamation Advice, support, anything?

Hi all, im new here & this is my first post. Im still trying 2 get tha hang of these forums!

Anywayz, im posting because im having a really difficult time with binge eating. This is the first time ive ever spoken about this. Its hard because i feel i hav noone to turn too.
It seems i can NEVER feel full. Ive come 2 accept that i have an eating disorder of some kind but im still unsure as 2 what exactly it is.
For the past 3-4 years ive had a real problem with food. Im 19 btw. I used 2 weigh about 58kg b4 all this started (im in australia, dont know lbs) then i lost alot of weight due to drugs (please dont judge that) & got down to 42kg which was my lowest weight. Some ppl thought i was nearing anorexia & i guess i was.
Then for about 2 yrs i continued to do drugs & that kept my weight down so on the outside i was happy but on the inside it was killing me. So then i decided to quit all drugs because it was really messing wit my head but thats when all the weight piled back on & i got even heavier. Now i weigh about 65kg & am having real emotional problems trying to deal with this.
For the past 6 months ive been in a depressed state which im now slowly coming out of. I feel i cant talk to anyone about this but im hoping some of you out there can give me some advice or support.
My eating got out of control for about 3 months & im just now gaining control back. But i dont know what else to do. Why cant i ever feel full? Even if i binge i still feel as though i could eat more. It really hurts me inside to think that im never going to lose this weight. I dont know how to stop the compulsion. I just want to be able to gain control of my life once more. I havent been out with my friends in ages. I cant even remember the last time. I just feel so fat & none of my clothes fit me anymore.
If anyone wants to email me & maybe start an email-buddy thing then that would be great. My email is [email protected]. I could really do with some support right now.

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Hi! I'm also a binge eater. My life is a bit different than yours (31, married with two kids, a teacher) but we have the same problem. Why can't my stomach tell my brain I had enought to eat? No, of course not. It says "more room down here. Bring it on!" Oh, how I wish I had more self control. But it is way too powerful to handle. I eat whenever I can, whatever I can find. I'm pitiful. Stress is my problem (working mom? It's to be expected!).

Welcome here and come back often! We got the gift of gab!

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Default I understand

Hi grOOvsta and everyone,
I just wanted you to know that you aren't alone. I have dealt with anorexia and bulimia for 15 years. I thought that I was healed and went on WW's to lose unwanted weight. Well, the eating disorder came back and I became obsessive once again, bouncing back and forth between restricting, binging, and purging through excessive exercise. I have eaten ungodly amounts of food in my quest for "fulfillment" to the point that I am in severe pain. I am thankful to this website, but I've also found another that specializes in eating disorders of every kind. It is a great place for support and you may just learn something about yourself. I learned about a book called, "When You Eat at The Refrigerator, Pull Up a Chair" by Geneen Roth. I am by no means recovered, but I am on my way to discovering ME and that is the real battle inside anyone with an eating disorder. Please check out the book online or at your local bookstore and also this website
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Default Hi GrOOvsta

Congrats on reaching out for help! I too am a binge eater who obsesses about food. I know how hard it is for you to get help, especially is you are experiencing depression too. (same here) The key I think is to reach out like you have done. Talk to people, read books about your disorder, maybe go to an Overeaters Anonnymous meeting - whatever you think will help YOU!

This website is a great resource for support and help. Keep coming back and keep posting. We're all here for you!

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I too can eat large amount of food and not have that full feeling that I hear some people talk about. I can only imagine how much food I would have to eat in order to get that feeling.

I think this all stems from the fact that as binge eaters we dont allow ourselves to get the hungry feeling or the full feeling. Do you know what I's like we are eating all the time and have totally tuned out those feelings of being full or hungry. In the past few days I've really been putting forth the effort in my eating and have only been eating when I truely feel hungry and stopping at what I think it a normal portion. Do I feel but when would I ? I'm trying to 'retrain' myself so to speak.

I'm glad you chose to join us. I too am over at the other web site that was given to you. There is alot of "deep" stuff overthere. The book was recommended to you is supose to be a good one. I've heard of it but have not read it. I would like to get it at the library.

Best wishes to you and keep posting with us. I really think it' helps out.

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