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Default Frustrated By Family Members

I had to come post here because I am so frustrated right now. There is cake downstairs. (Side note: I live with my parents, I have no control over what is brought into the house, other than what I buy for myself) My mom doesn't know about my binging, but she knows I don't like it when junk food is sitting around out in the open (although, that doesn't stop her from keeping a large cookie jar on the counter full of cookies so I don't know why I'm surprised she brought this cake home).

She home-schools a little girl and that girl's mom had made too many sweets over the past few days so she gave this cake to my mom. I came down to make my lunch today and there it is! I argue for throwing it out, that no one will eat it and the girl's mom will never know. My mom said my brothers haven't even had a chance to see it or eat it. But I know my family. They won't eat it. It will sit on the counter for probably the next week and no one will touch. Except for maybe me, because I'll binge and end up eating half the stupid thing.

Pastry-like items are a huge trigger for me. Apparently my family could care less for them, but for me, I'm going to be thinking about that stupid cake the rest of the freaking day. My plan? Cut off small pieces and throw them away when no ones around. Better than eating it, I guess.

Anyone else living where they have no control over the food that's brought in? Any advice? I've tried asking them to put it out of sight, but they always argue there is no where to put it. Besides, I'm not really sure that would help, because I'd still know it was there.

I just don't understand why we can't throw the stupid cake away.
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I say cut off large pieces and throw them away. Do you work ? If so take it to work for your coworkers to enjoy.

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I'd sneeze on it "accidentally" in front of everyone. Then you would have to throw it out.
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I can totally relate! My mom eats a lot of junk food and is constantly brining it home…fruit by the foots, cakes, cookies, ice cream, chips, frozen pizzas, coco pebbles…it’s torture. What makes it worse is that she’s seen me binge and see how little control I have and then how bad I feel after I pig out…yet she stills brings it home.

I’ve literally had to ask her to hide things from me or at least move them to a place less visible and convenient. She’s willing to do this. I think that it’s really hard for people who don’t have food addiction or self control problems to understand those of us who do and how hard it is to just walk right past something like that…

And of course, now I want cake.

Honeyb, that made me lol!!
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When you live with other people, you almost never have control over all of the food in the house. You have a right to your WOE, but your family does too - including having a cake around if they want it there (even if they don't eat much of it).

Instead of sabotaging the cake, I'd consider discussing the possibility of putting a lock on one of the cabinets (or buying a small cabinet or a large box that can be locked, such as a cheap filing cabinet or a foot locker) and using that cabinet for foods you'd rather not be eating. As long as you don't have a key or the combination, you're safe from the problem foods, and your family can have them around if they want them.
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Honey, LOL! That's a good idea!

I have a similar problem with my bf hoarding candy-bars. Even locking them up isn't good enough because I think about them constantly, and if I ask for one, he will just hand it right over! I am not sure how to get him to stop. He will for a while, but if they are on sale, I don't think he can help himself. I also found out there is PB in the house, which I will eat by the spoonful after drizzling honey all over it. I know it is out of reach, but I told him very specifically not to put it where I could see it, because I will knock it down with a broom!
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