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I will never give up.
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Default I think I belong here. >.<

I have a problem. I swung back and forth between anorexia and bulimia for about 7 years (ages 11-18) until I went into recovery a year ago and managed to gain about 60 pounds. I would be lying if I said that some of that weight gain wasn't healthy, but I went past the healthy range due to emotional eating and binging without the security blanket of purging. Reading through some of these posts has made me realize that a lot of us, no matter which way you go on the ED spectrum, have very similar thought processes, especially the "all or nothing" mindset.

While I'm no longer actively anorexic or bulimic-- I have a realistic, healthy goal weight and know how I have to get there, I still think like I am. I have so much horrible, negative self talk that dieting in a healthy way is really hard, and I have learned from the past that there is no better support than from people who know what you're dealing with. So, am I allowed to post here?
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I think so. If you say something inappropriately too "pro-ana" or "mia", then the moderators will simply remove it, so in a way, there are some limits as to what you can and can't say.

That being said, a lot of us are recovering from obesity, from orthorexia, from anorexia, from bulimia - so yes, I think your posts will be well considered in this forum. Very few of us have healthy relationships with food - and are constantly working to improve.

I think people who actually have a "healthy relationship with food" don't actually ever ask themselves that question.

I respect your healthy goal weight and hope to hear more of your thoughts - the good, the bad, and the ugly.
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To me, anyone who ever has out of contorl feelings about food should come here.

I hope this will be a good place for you to talk about your struggles, I know it's helped me quite a bit.
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