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Kristen Denece
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Default working out

Im just currious what everyones work out routien is like.. I work out alot well.. no not alot really atleast 4 times a week with atleast 35 miniuts of cardio at a time and i switch it up between running outside (wich ive become to absolutly love when its not 3 degreese out <3 new england) to the gym to work out vids. The past couple days though I dont have alot of motivation to work out at all.... i feel like im working so hard not to binge it takes away my motivation to work out......that kind of sounds like an excuse though. Anyways how do you ladies stay motivated to work out?! and what are your routiens like???
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i do approx 1 hr every day. have been for more than 15 months now. i have a personal trainer 2x per week. i do cardio in between such as: circuit training, treadmill, outdoor running in the spring/summer/fall, spinning, rowing machine and more, and (depending on what my trainer has me doing at the time) i will throw in yoga once every couple weeks, and love goodlife fitness group classes like attack (aerobics), step, combat (kick boxing) and more... basically, i try something different all the time to avoid strain injuries and more importantly, boredom!!!

keep up the fabulous work - doing one hour a day keeps me motivated, stretched, helps me sleep, keeps my appetite in check and makes me feel like i've accomplished something!
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I haven't really had a set routine, but here's what I have planned:

1 hour of cardio
20 minutes of weight training
A little more cardio if I'm not bogged down with homework

I plan to do it five days a week, which will be no problem. I love exercise. :P It's just having the time to do it that gets to me, with school and all in the way.
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I work out five days a week, then we go hiking on the weekends, or do yard work. I alternate between spin (2 - 3 times a week) and working out with my trainer twice a week.

After awhile, it just sort of becomes part of your daily routine to go to the gym.

Good for you for keeping with it.
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I run 4 - 5 days a week, and the other days, I usually use the elliptical, walk, etc. It's usually about an hour. I think that hour is really important, too... When you start out, I think half an hour is good, but once you build up some strength and endurance, an hour a day most days of the week is great.
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I try and go to the gym for at least an hour days a week, I usually do 1 hour and a half of cardio and some weights but this week ive only been twice!
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My goal is to work out 6 days a week for 45 mins each time, on average.

What I've been doing lately (since my class/work/teaching schedule is crazy this semester) is working out 3 or 4 days a week, for 45 mins to an hour each time. It's better than nothing, though.

I keep switching my routine around... lately it's been all cardio at the gym (elliptical, stationary bike, treadmill, or stair stepper), or a cardio video at home when I can't make it to the gym. I want to start adding back at least a little strength training... even just focusing on my muscle groups that I think are too small (back, shoulders). I was going to a cardio-kickboxing class at the gym every Monday and Saturday for a while, but my schedule got in the way. I'm going to really focus on starting that again, it gave me some much-needed variety.

As for motivation, I'm not sure I've EVER felt motivated to work out, lol. But it's just part of my life now. It would feel weird to NOT go to the gym on an evening where I have nothing else planned.
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As far as motivation to work out, I have made it a rule to work out first thing in the morning. I literally get out of bed, wash my face, brush my teeth and put on my workout clothes. I have a cup of coffee and since I've discovered this site, I've been checking out the posts while I drink the coffee. That motivates me as well. Whether or not to exercise is simply not an option - no exceptions. I work out to videos at home and have a treadmill, so no excuse like I don't feel like going to the gym due to weather, etc. I mix it up with step, circuit training, yoga and occasionally I'll throw in some Latin dance when I really need a light day. My workout has to include cardio every day. So if it's a yoga day, I will do a dance video or treadmill followed by the yoga. In the afternoon I walk on my treadmill while I watch my favorite afternoon TV show, which is Dr. Phil, for 1 hour. The deal is I have to be on the treadmill to watch it This has worked for me in the past and is working for me again. No matter what happens later in the day, exercise is done.
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My current goal is 45 minutes 5 times a week.

I know that may not be a lot, but I really, really, really hate exercise. So I really have to use a lot of tricks to get myself to start going, and to get myself to finish.

I tend to switch it up a lot. I use my Wii Fit quite a bit, or the step cardio on the Wii Fit if I want something light. I do strength training with weights. Walking I do on the treadmill or outside with the dog. If I really need a change, I'll throw in an exercise video.

The problem for me is to keep myself going. Sometimes, I'll do my exercise in three 15 minute spurts because it's all I can manage that day. If I feel myself really flagging, I grab my inspiration picture (a picture of the two piece swimsuit I want to wear to Hawaii this summer).

But regardless, every day is a struggle. Sometimes, I wonder if I will ever like exercise :P

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I've been working out pretty steadily (3x a week) for about a year. I don't belong to a gym; I just work out a home, but my brother invested in a weight bench so I have some more options. Here's a quick run-down of my routine:
Chest fly-5 lbs-15reps
Push up-not the girly kind!-15reps
Bent over lat row-10lb dumbells each hand-20 reps
Superman-hold for 30 seconds
Overhead press-10lb each hand-12 reps
anterior/lateral shoulder raises-5 lb-15 reps (one ant, one lat counts as 1)
Tricep extensions-10lb-20reps
Standing curls-10lb each hand-12 reps
Isolation bicep curls-10lb-11 reps
Leg lifts or reverse crunches-25 or 30
Pull ups-as many as possible ( which ends up as 3 or 4)

I do two sets of all this, and I superset, which means no resting!! It takes me about 45 mins. To keep motivated, I switch up my workout every couple of months. This also keeps my muscles challenged, and keeps me from being bored. I also like to work out first thing in the morning, though sometimes that doesn't happen! It's hard for me to work out in the afternoon or evening because of homeowork, studying, being tired, and a plethora of other excuses. I find that once working out became a habit, I HAVE to do it or I feel antsy. I don't actually like the act of working out ("you show me a person who loves working out and I'll show you a weirdo." Hrm, my brother, perhaps?) but I love the way I feel all day afterward, so that keeps me motivated.

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