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Aiming to be a better me
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Default how to stay motivated

two weeks i was right on track, lost 2 lbs. was happy and then i just stopped being motivated. i dont binge but i dont workout either. i feel sluggish and tired and useless, and i dont know what to do to help myself feel liek working out. Any suggestions
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I know how you fee! I went through a week of that (just last week). I didn't workout outside of my usual activity (dancing). I just slept most of the weekend and evenings away.

Personally, I allow myself this time to be lazy. But, the motivation to lose weight never leaves me and once my period of being lazy is over, I get right back on it.

Can you channel that motivation to keep losing to get yourself up and working out again?

Also, for me, working out is fairly easy because I have a weight bench in my apartment. I don't have to go far to lift weights and I get tons of cardio from dancing and jogging.

Good luck, hun!! I promise this lack of motivation wouldn't stay forever. :-)

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Do you know what?
I felt like that yesterday. In almost 1 1/2 without missing my workout (except when I was on vacation) that would be the 1st time that I would give in for my laziness...
So I snapped out of it (well I had to drag my beautiful a** around at the gym and to walk ) and kept talking myself in actually doing it.
One of my thoughts that kept me on going was the fear of waste all my hard work until here...
After I was done I felt great: It was like: “I beat you laziness!!”
Today is a new day and I am 100% ready to my routine work out!!!
Just talk yourself to do it...
Get your also beautiful a** out there and DO IT!!!!

Good luck!
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live ur life
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I had my lowpoints recently. But its just a matter of really looking deep down and getting that motivation and figuring out where your heart is. How bad do you want this? You know you want to change but the only thing between you and where you want to be is the choices that you make today. I know I make mistakes but I feel its all about overcoming those mistakes and trying to stay consistent no matter what and to keep pushing myself forward because I know that what has kept me the way I am today is that I would always quit but honestly ---- Pain is temporary but quitting is forever as lance armstrong once said. It's always good to have an anchor - something that keeps you going and keeps you focused. My anchor is that I am coming to terms with my emotions and I see losing the weight as part of the healing process and process of rediscovering who I am and reaching my potential. I write in a weight loss journal daily. -- When it comes to weight loss think of it as a lifestyle change -- I'm not saying overdo it but do the maximum of what you can handle. I honestly hate exercise and hated the thought of it but everything is baby steps. If you can only do 10 minutes do those 10 minutes - I started off with just walking on the treadmill for 10 minutes. Now I can run on it for 30 minutes (which I could never do) but I just kept pushing myself day by day.
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If you are anything like me its not that you dont feel "motivated" but rather its bcos your head is used to the mind games. If you have only been "on plan" and actively working out for 2 weeks (unless I misunderstood that part of your post) that is way too early to be actually burnt out.

So either you need to pick different workout activities that you enjoy (so is it really just boredom or lack of interest in what you are doing) or you need to just do it. I know it sounds like its easier said than done, but if I let myself think about working out too much I will rationlise it away and I can think of dozens of things I would rather be doing.

So, my suggestion would be as some others have said, on the days when you just dont feel like it and your mind is saying meh, just go sit on the couch, strap on your shoes and go for a walk or get on your bike or put on a yoga DVD and see how you feel. My mood and lack of motivation usually lifts if I just make a start

Oh and cute workout clothes dont hurt either
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