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Default Middle of the night binge

I'm feeling pretty horrible today and I'm hoping for some support/ words of encouragement.

Yesterday I ended up at 1800 calories for the day, but then I woke up at 2:30 am and ate a granola bar (150) and a bag of SF chocolate (300) in a sleepy daze. I then woke up at 4:30 and thought, "I already messed up, why not mess up more?" and ate another bag of chocolate (300). All said and done I had 2550 for the day including my binge. I don't know how to approach today. I feel so disgusted with myself and like I have gained a ton of weight. I don't have a scale (thankfully) but I've convinced myself that my jeans are tighter.

I'm not trying to lose, just maintain. I'm 6', 140 lbs or so, and 23 years old. I'm moderately active.

Any advice? How can I recover from this? Will I gain weight?
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your overage 854 calories is just under 1/4 of a pound. I wouldn't obsess. Try to eat a light salad for a week and take an extra walk. At 23 your metabolism is still pretty high.
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So I should eat just light salads? I don't want to set myself up to binge again.
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I usually find myself binging when I don't eat enough in the day.I wouldn't eat just salads,You might be too hungry,and do the same thing.
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ok kitkat, breath deeply!
you haven't done so much damage, if you turn back to your daily routine, in a couple of days everything will be just FINE. you don't need to eat less these days, just eat as usual, 1800 calories if it's that.
just pretend you have been... to a pijama party! you had to eat!
don't feel guilty, it can happen from time to time, thin people sometimes overeat too in special occasion... just pretend it was a party!

and after all it doesn't have to be bad for sure... sometimes changing the amount of calories... giving a SCHOCK to our body... it's not that bad, it can wake the metabolism up. especially at 23 years old!

so dont' even think about tonight! move on and feel young

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I have found that "Oh, I messed up already so who cares?" attitude is DEADLY! I used to do that all the time.

The truth is, more matters. You can recover from an extra 450 calories - no problem. But when you double that because you think you screwed up - that can only lead to bad things.

That's why I love Weight Watchers. You have those flex points which I think of as "oops, I totally over did it but I am still on track because that was allowed..." It makes all the difference.
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i agree, don't stick to salads, be more lenient with yourself when it comes to the sweets--it seems like the binge was because of deprivation.

when you are eating one of your meals throw in some m&ms at the end. You'll be full from the meal and less likely to overeat the junk.

oh it's natural to crave carbs to help you sleep. They promote good sleep. Maybe work in a less calorie dense nightime carb snack.
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