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strange changes
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Default stresssss eating

yipes! its finals time, and i have a 30 pager due thursday. long days all around making it really tough to resist an all night food fest to keep me going/distract me from my work.

ive already overdone it today and yesterday, so im really just trying to put a lid on it now now now. i dont want to undo the progress ive made the past few wks just cause im pissed i have to write this paper and study.

but its hard... oh so hard.
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One thing you can do is really look at your eating in these circumstances in the past and ask yourself if it honestly kept you going or if it (more than likely) made you lethargic. That takes the "reason" out of the equation. The second thing you can do is recognize that you feel the need to treat yourself because this is a hard thing you have to do, and then plan out some reasonable treats like:
- 100 calorie pack of low fat popcorn w/ grape tomatoes (my personal fave)
- a special low cal coffee or tea drink (coffee mixes with 25 calorie Swiss Miss and a big dollop of fat-free whipped topping)
- taking a break with a walk in the park or a bubble bath with candles etc

Good luck!
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Finals are tough.Take a break frequently from studying and take a nice walk.Plan out your meals and stick with it.I know you can be successful both on finals and eating!
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Getting back on track!
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I am a stress eater too! I find that walks help me out though!
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Gawd, I remember those days. @"&$#%ing papers!
Pack a small tupperware of carrot sticks, one of celery sticks, and one of grapes. Just in case you have the munchies or want to eat something at freaking 2am ...
I feel for you...
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