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This was a good thread. Made me think. I am on this site a lot lately, walking, working, gardening (inside and out), shopping. And after reading some of these threads I would like to take up crocheting or knitting again. I used to do it and liked it. I also would like to learn to quilt, I think.

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It seems that my knitting has gone to the wayside, but I have taken up weaving hemp bracelets, specifically because I can see results faster and then go back to what I was doing. It fills up my empty snack/break time quite easily, and my friends love to wear them!
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I like practicing on my motorcycle, even though it's a pain in the butt sometimes! I just started riding not too long ago, so after killing the bike 20 times while trying to shift usually gets me frustrated enough to where the only thing I want to do with food is throw it across the room

I like riding on the motorcycle with my boyfriend steering. It's a lot less frustrating and insanely relaxing. We always take the backroads and we live really close to Mount St. Helens, so it's always a beautiful drive and the fresh air in your face is always nice.

I also do cross stitch and knitting. Cross stitch especially, your hands have to be super clean so food anywhere close is a no-no.

I always like walking too. I have to kick myself in the butt a bit to do it, but once I get going I don't want to stop.
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Take a trip to the bookstore/movie store and peruse.
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I brush my teeth after I've eaten the last meal of the day, so I can't graze. I can't go to bed with dirty teeth (BLECH!) and don't want to have to brush them again, so I just don't eat.
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-browsing 3fc! Inspirational.
-I wanna learn how to sew with my machine.
-Learning && becoming healthy (very time consuming)
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Today it was shopping for groceries--just a few things I like to keep--

Pico de Gayo ready to go, skim milk, navel oranges, chicken breast strips, kids lunch stuff

I also went to two thrift stores---

Lucky Jeans--like new!--a new winter plaid winter handbag that is super cute--a blouse, black slacks I needed desperately and a skirt

I binged mid-afternoon but I am pretty sure I am NOT over my calorie allotment today...but as a distraction, I am working on a pot of coffee right now with Splenda and skim milk

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