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Default Post Binge Feelings


Well, i binged yesterday, and today i feel really bloated, sad and depressed.
First time in a month and is TTOTM, thats my excuse

I was thinking that maybe we can post here the horrible feelings that we get the day after a binge, like the dehydrated that you feel and that cardboard flavor in your mouth, etc.

I dont know, maybe that will help me the next time i think about stuffing my face with food
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I think it's good to get out the negativity. But let's also post the best ways to get over a binge hangover and how we pick it back up the next day.

I drink tons of tea and water and just do some moderate exercise like a walk and I journal journal journal about the whole scenerio.

Ugh..the headaches are the worst for me though after a binge.
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I end up feeling lethargic, headachey, depressed and foggy. I try to drink lots of water, keep track of my calories and eat lighter than usual (not starving myself) and I workout. I try to do a very intense workout that is more intense than usual. I also try to keep in mind how I feel so that I won't do it again, but I always do. Maybe someday, it will be less frequent or not at all. That would be incredible!
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After a binge I feel ill like I have a bug that I'm trying to fight, I feel huge and I have a headache, feel lethargic, have crazy sugar cravings.. etc

I find the best way to get over it is to drink tons of water and make a food plan for the day. Plan out what I'm going to eat and just not even think about eating anything else. I have to trust myself that what I've planned for will be the best thing for my body. That is the only thing for me that stops a binge from continuing.
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I forgot to mention GUILT. I feel tons, and tons of guilt. I also feel bloated and huge. There. I feel better now.
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I always feel like a tank afterwards. Lazy, sleepy, bloooooated... The next day I drink tons of water and eat as much natural fiber as I possibly can.
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I binged yesterday and I feel extremely depressed, like I just want to lay in bed and not eat or get up or talk to anybody for the rest of the day. I feel like I ruined all my hard work. I feel huge and like everyone will notice that I've gained weight. I feel discouraged and hopeless and worthless and stupid.

Today I am going to drink a lot of water, eat a lot of fruit, and wait until I'm actually hungry to eat something. I'm also going to journal about the entire thing, force myself out of bed and into the shower, and go for a long walk around the city with my ipod.

Is it wrong to sort of blow off some of my minor responsibilities on days like this? It's not necessarily that I want to wallow in self-pity, but I'm just so upset I feel like I need a "me" day.
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I get a HUGE headache and my mouth is always so so dry.
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bad binge yesterday.... today a horrible headache and gas. i'm thirsty and bloated. depressed... guilty. Most of the same things a lot of you have mentioned.

Today was the walk for diabetes, so I walked 3.1 miles first thing this morning, which is good. if I hadn't been signed up for that I would have just laid around and felt bad about myself and possibly started another binge.
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I binge now and then. I used to do it far more frequently than I do, now. And my binges were worse than they are, now. I rarely binge as a result of physical hunger. I am usually triggered by mental and emotional upset. Food is a drug, it makes me high, numb out and forget my pain for a little while.

I always feel horrid after a binge. My stomach feels as if it has been packed with concrete, I feel gassy and uncomfortable. I get terrible heartburn and can't sleep. The next day, I still feel full and bloated. I am dehydrated, swollen and lethargic. My feelings are guilt, anger and self-recrimination. I hate myself and what I have done. I just want to crawl into a hole and pull it closed after me.

I deal by blogging, posting here, reminding myself that I am human and that this will happen from time to time and that I can get past it and move forward. I also drink as much water as I can force down, eat light, mild foods (once I feel like eating, again) and get some moderate exercise.

By the second day after, I usually feel normal, again and am back on track and sailing along.

Until I do it all, again.
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needs constant reminding
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The binge monster got me tonight. I invited it in by bringing home leftovers from a family dinner. bringing home trigger food leftovers.

Currently I feel bloated and uncomfortable. But, I did not purge and I am pleased about that. It's been a long time and I'm glad to have dodged that bullet.

I will not be able to exercise tomorrow but I will drink lots of fluids and keep count of calories, without restricting, to get back on track.

I must remember I invited the binge monster in. Life lesson. keep trigger food OUT of the house.

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What stands out for me most is that after a binge, all I can do is lie in bed and try to sleep it away. I get a really sore lower back. The next day my stomach feels all screwy and I'm way more prone to having a panic attack in the post-binge frame of mind.

I think the best thing I do to get out of that state of mind, or to stop myself from getting there in the first place, is to distance myself from getting too neurotic about food. I can't read women's magazines or watch cooking shows or participate in conversations about weight/dieting. It's kind of scary being in a place like 3FC which in essence is all about food.
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Originally Posted by rocket pop View Post
It's kind of scary being in a place like 3FC which in essence is all about food.
This is so true. I always have to distance myself from this place, and sometimes from the internet in general, whenever I start to obsess. Sometimes you just need to get your mind off food entirely, and this isn't exactly the best place for that.
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I have trouble sleeping, I'm bloated, I'm guilt ridden, my clothes don't fit, I feel just yuck, I'm depressed, etc.
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Trying so hard....
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Guilt, guilt, guilt!
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