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Cool why do i do this to myself

I'm new, and hoping this is the place that will help me. I am 54 years old and just hit 300 lbs. I'm devastated. I don't know why I can't stop the eating. I have PVCs caused by stress and the doctor wants me to walk everyday, and when I do, it helps, but I don't do it every day. In fact, I haven't in weeks. The lopressor i take for the pvcs slows my metabalism, which i don't need any help in that area. i keep ordering books and reading about new diets thinking that the next new thing is the answer. then i eat and eat until the book comes in and look through the book and think, "There's not enough food to hold me over, I'll never be able to do this." I am so miserable right now, meaning comfort....my body is so large and it's not just how i look, but how it drags me down and tires me out. i don't know what to do. my new idea is to eat as little as possible and make it mostly fruits and vegetables. just until i can get 60 lbs off. then i worry if i do lose the weight will i have saggy skin that needs to be surgically removed. i'm just stress stress stress, i won't lose the weight, i will and there will be other problems....
i'm lucky that i don't have high blood pressure, or high cholesterol or diabetes. if it wouldn't be for all this fat, i'd be pretty healthy!
is there any one out there who has a problem like this with food and wants to work on it with me? food rules my life and i don't want that to be the issue any more.
i always do better with a buddy. right now so many of my friends have left the city (or died) that it's pretty depressing. (I live in New Olreans).
I do feel like I'm going to do it, and then some really yummy piece of cake is offered or candy or whatever and i just eat it. no thought, just eat it.
thanks for listening.
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First of all, to 3fc! I'm sure you'll receive tons of support, advice, and information to help you with your weight loss journey... I hope you'll soon be able to call this place home.
Now to your post... don't do something so drastic!! You will NOT lose weight by eating too little, in fact even if you go on plan with that, lose some, people who go to such extreme measures end up gaining all the weight back, and then some. Also, eating just fruit and veggies is never a good idea, the key is a balanced diet.
Maybe you'd be interested in calorie counting.. the idea is that nothing is off limits, but there has to be a limit of the amount you eat, set by the amount of calories you have limited yourself to. You could blow all of your calories on cake but then you'll end up hungry because of it.. so you should eat more whole, unprocessed foods as you can eat more, feel full, and still take in less calories. You can go to a site like : http://www.caloriescount.com/ to get started with how many calories you want to set for yourself per day.
You could also begin by getting a journal or a notebook and logging all the calories in everything you eat per day. Include everything, even that pat of butter, sauces, etc.. the little stuff really adds up. Sites like http://www.fitday.com/ are also great for this.
I also must include that if you plan your meals for the day ahead of time, it's MUCH easier to stay on plan and keep from that piece of cake, candy, or whatever it is that you find tempting. I can say from my own experience that it has helped extremely with my thoughtless eating...
Now, no one's forcing you to take this advice but I thought I'd recommend it as it's what has, so far, personally helped me.

If this doesn't sound appealing to you, there are, of course, many other plans you can go with, many of which there are specific forums for, so you should browse around and see what works for you. But, any way you go, good luck with your weight loss!!
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