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Smile Some things that are working!

Hey Guys!

I just wanted to pop in and give everyone a virtual hug today!
I hope that I will not be jinxing myself with this...but I am so happy that I just had to share on the off chance that it will help maybe just one person out there that is struggling with this issue.

My story in a nutshell just so that you can gauge my individual problem...I am a 37 yr old female...I have had emotional eating problems since childhood. About 6 years ago I saw a picture of myself with my DD and MIL and realized that I needed to do something about my weight... It has been a long slow process and I have lost about 42 pds to date.

We did a stressful move to a beautiful tropical locale but I was missing my Colorado home very much...had a knee injury...couldn't do my beloved Tae Bo or a whole lot for awhile...felt really tired and low...

My DH of nearly 17 years had a seizure on May 8 and was diagnosed with a brain tumor that day. I lost about 8 pds in the 2 weeks or so he was in the hospital due to stress. He has completed his 6 weeks of radiation/chemo and is starting on his cycles of maintenance chemo now. He had his first post treatment MRI and it was not only clean but improved! He is doing wonderful, feeling mostly good, and we are closer than ever...just had the best date night ever! (Cartier Love ring!!!! OMG!!!!)

Anyway, after he came home from the hospital I sort of imploded and ended up at the Dr.s who advised Prozac... I was so desperate that despite my lifelong adversion to taking things like that I gave it a try. It has been a life saver! For me and my DH! But it did not take care of food binges connected to my cycle!

I am due to start in a couple of days and have not had one incidence of out of control PMS eating for the first time that I can remember (it has been THAT long!!!)
Things I am doing that I think may have allowed me to do this!

Soymilk (2 cups a day now!)
Progestacare cream (from day 12 to about day 26)
Using aromatherapy candles at my computer desk...different scents...particularly mint, lavender sage, and autumn wreath from yankee candle
simple yoga stretches if I feel an urge coming on, I love sun salutations!
starting meditation (just beginning to try that now)
Vitamins (Flintstones multi, B-complex, and adora dark chocolate calcium (twice a day for the calcium!)

I just wanted to put that out there to show even just one person who is struggling that they don't have to give up hope and if they keep trying they will be able to find what works for them!!! I would exercise and eat right month after month after month only to undo all of my hard work mid cycle and have to start all over again!
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