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Unhappy Desperately Need Support

I'm so depressed! I worked really hard to get to 9 stone for summer and I accomplished it but then I spent all summer drinking, eating and only doing excercising that involved dancing on tabletops or paddling in the sea. Now I'm right up to 10 st 5 lb!! I feel so frumpy and depressed and I know I'm 100% responsible for what happened.
I want to get back on to weight loss but it was so much effort before that I don't really know if I have any fight left in me! I'm feeling as if I want to curl up under my blanket with a box of chocolates and just wait... for anything.
I want to get right down to eight stone (my ideal weight) but I just don't have the motivation! Heeeeeeeeeeeelp!
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Blowing off your routine only means you're human--and it's ok if it happens. Don't get completely discouraged, no way!!

Did you have fun? I'm sure you did (dancing on tabletops, i see), so it's not like it was ALL bad, right? Was it a not-so-good decision? Probably. Was it the end of the world? **** no!

Guilt sucks, don't let it bring you down. Whatever happened, happened--it's in the past. Now get up, dust yourself off, and get right back on there.

Good call on posting here rather than actually crawling under a blanket and eating yourself to sleep (um, been there, done that), you should be proud of yourself. But don't torment yourself to death over a slip-up, just keep it in mind for next time. Remember how easy temptation is, and focus on the future.

Hang in there, you can do it!

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Just think to yourself... what is the alternative? What other road could you take if not going forward and getting back on the wagon? The other option is unthinkable! You'd feel a million times worse if you put on weight right? So there's your motivation, keep going and you will see results!
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Don't go there, you know you don't want to! ;-)

You've already proven you can lose weight, so thats excellent. You WILL lose it, and in the meantime, have fun, treat yourself well, as you deserve it! Make a plan and get back on track. Nothing too arduous, life's for living after all - start with 30 mins walking a day...or dancing ;-)

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you can do it... i feel the same way sometimes: defeated and deflated. i want to crawl into a ball and sleep and not wake up until i'm thin. but that just can't happen (much as i'd like to hibernate all winter and wake up minus 30 lbs!).

unfortunately i can't give you the will to get back on track - but i definitely believe that you can do it, and i hope you can muster the strength to prove that to yourself as well.

best to you - you can do this! =)
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