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I weigh in every day, than total the 7 days and than divide by 7 to get an my average weekly weight. Hope that helps

Hugs BB
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I weigh everyday, but like the article says, alot of things can factor in to your weight. So it can get depressing when I spluge and the scale show I've gained 4 pounds, which I know isn't true, but it hurts all the same. I think I 'm just addicted.
So to weigh in, I think once a week is great when you are trying to lose.
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i used to be a scale whore and would weight myself 1-2/day... i found that was depressing me when i would gain a pound.

since i started Alli (which i am currently on but i haven't taken it for a week because that's expensive stuff) i weighed in 1x a week which is what i do now. Being on the Alli has taught me how to eat, i keep a little notebook in my purse and a calculator and record everything i eat, what time, how many calories and how many fat grams. i *try* to stay under the 15g/meal... so far so good.
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I never weigh myself because it discourages me so. My starting weight is what I remember from a few months back. I think I'm going to try and weigh myself every couple weeks just to keep track, but anything more than that will be too much, I think.
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Yeah. I weigh myself WAY too much. I've found that my weight doesn't really fluctuate much day to day, though. But it really helps keep me motivated, because it's lower than it was, and seeing that it's not actually going up is really reassuring, because I have a tendency to freak out and overcompensate if my pants feel tight, and then not be able to maintain it and end up destroying a lot of hard work by one huge binge.

I think one of the reasons it's worked for me, though, is that I've been losing weight pretty fast. If I couldn't see a difference over the course of a week, it probably would be discouraging.
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I weight myself every day, althought I'm going to make an effort to do so less often.
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I've actually been debating about that. My problem is that if I start to look at numbers, I become obsessed. I've been binge-free for a week now and I know I've lost some weight (jeans are fitting better) but I'm pledging to avoid the scale at least until Valentine's Day (my first goal to stay binge-free and cheat-free). The past few months have been horrible in terms of binging so this is my number one goal right now. I know I'll lose weight when I quit the binge cycle, so I'm not concerned about that right now.

I'm afraid that if I weigh myself and I don't see the number I think should be there, I'll either feel so discouraged that I'll binge or I'll see a number I'm proud of and then I'll feel over-confident and binge. So damned if I do and damned if I don't...

I'm actually much worse with nutritional information. I absolutely cannot use Fitday or any other nutritional database because I start to get obsessed with playing with the numbers (31% fat, hmm, let's see if I can get that down to 20%...) and get completely confused about what I should be eating and stop paying attention to what my body is asking for. I find I do much better just eating healthy foods and exercising and not worrying about nutrients.

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