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Default What I've Learnt

Thus far, in my quest to become less attached to my ED and the related values, I have tried various measures, attitudes, tricks and experiments. In the first week or so, this is what has hit me:

1. Its entirely possible to be surrounded by junk and not eat it. I have, what..600 cals worth of chocolate in my room right now, by the side of my bed, and I havn't bothered with it for 2 days+. Not *managed to resist*...just havn't bothered. I can have whatever I want, whenever I want it. Its not going anywhere and I'm never going to starve again, so why binge?

2., a bit dull, really! I've been going to the supermarket a lot. Now I walk round and feel nothing more for the cookies than the broccoli. Yawn. Seen it all before.

3. Exercise..walking...can be for something other than burning calories! Crikey, this was a surprise! I LIKE the ..fresh air! Watching people/animals in fields/gardens! (not spying obviously, just out front of their houses).

4. Starving..dude, what a DUMB IDEA that was?!! I can't believe it. I feel this promise to never starve myself again is a rock solid one, because its all fallen into place in my head. I don't need to starve to be slim. If I starve, I will binge. Always, at some point, I will binge. Starving slows your metabolism. It doesn't ultimately make you thin...even if you become anorexic-thin through it (I know, first hand), most probably you'll swing to compulsive overeating or bulimia later in life. Its scientific study-proven/demonstrated.

Oh yes..and starving ain't no fun, either!

More to come, I hope

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Oh, Emily - I'm so proud of you! You're doing SO well Keep it up, girl - you're awe-inspiring - no, really!

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hey Emily, well done for the revelations. It's easy for other people to tell us these things but sometimes we can't move forward until we realise things for ourselves. I'm glad you're one step forward to beating your ED. I also realised this week that walking is about enjoying scenery and watching the world go by. I also look at it as getting to a destination rather than a form of exercise.

Keep going forward, you'll get there

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HI GIRLS ~ good for you Emily; you have learned something that took a serious illness to show me ...

(1) not to waste one nano-second of any day
(2) appreciate the beauty in everything, always
(3) starving only leads to binging
(4) starving only slows down your metabolism
(5) starving leads to GAINING weight, in the end
(6) look for ways to love yourself and others today
(7) love yourself enuff to get healthy again
(8) forgive yourself for not being perfect, just human
(9) moderation is the perfect balance in all things
(10) enjoy yourself, your family, and your life now ...

HEATHER ~ you are doing great too, girl; keep it up!

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