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Angry Why can't I stop!

Why can't I stop eating? I'm tired of being fat! I can't stand it anymore! No matter how hard I try to count calories and eat healthy I just fail over and over and over again! I can't stop binging! I have a goal it's to lose 40 pounds in 153 days. Why do I keep sabotaging myself and any progress that I may make/ Can some one please tell me how to stop this! I just want to do unhealthy things at the end of the day when I've failed yet again! I just want to die already. I haven't lost a single pound since my daughter was born in JANUARY!!!
WTF!!! Why? I am such a lard *** I don't seriously know how my husband can stand to sleep with me much less have sex? What can I do? Someone please help. I'm sorry to ramble and complain I'll shut up now! Thanx anyway.
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I wish I could give you a direct answer that would make you wake up tomorrow and "boom" you're there!! I'm in the same boat -- somehow I've gone from 150 pounds to 250 pounds since I met my husband, who "doesn't like fat" -- I feel like I'm letting my kids down, my husband (therefore ruining my marriage) and basically wasting my life, it goes on and on.

But on the good days --- if I do well, I'm a better mother because I have the patience my kids need, the energy to keep up with the them and the feeling of confidence that I can do this.

You need to find what makes you comfortable, some people do better on a strict diet, some do better a little more mellow. You'll find your grove and eventually I know it will come to us!! I know this because there have been probably 1 million pounds lost by people on this website, and many had more to lose than either one of us. If they could do it, so can you!!

There will always be bad days, days we fail, days we don't feel so hot about the whole deal. That's apparently our lot in life (it sucks!!), but the option to me is I will either lose weight or continue to gain -- and I can't stand the thought of just going up, up, up.....

Good luck, take a deep breath and jump back in!!!
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Happy New Rears!
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Hillarie, you have to get the junk foods out of the house so you can't get to them in the evenings.

What are you eating during the day? if you eat breakfast, a snack, lunch, a snack, dinner, a snack - maybe you can feel full and satisfied that you don't start grazing.

I'm sorry you are feeling so low
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Default I know....

Sadly, I know just what you are talking about. I feel that way myself. At the end of the day I look back and think MAN how did it happen again. How does it keep happening. But I have to believe that I will be able to overcome eventually, that it will work and I will be able to get my life back. My husband doesn't like the fat either. He wants to be my husband, and he's a decent one, but he really doesn't want to be my lover, and that really hurts right now. Good luck to you. Maybe this didn't help much, but sometimes it is good to know someone else is going through the same thing. Good luck!
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Thank you everyone. I know that it's an everyday struggle I just wish my mouth would shut off when my stomach was full. Or my stomach would actually communicate with my head and tell me I'm full. Either way I am the only one that has control over what does and doesn't go into my mouth. I just need to give myself some credit I've lost it before I'll do it again eventually. Right before I got pregnant with my daughter I had lost 80 pounds left from my first series of pregnancies and life stress in general. I was happy then I'll do it again. I am on vacation from work for the next couple of weeks so it gives me the perfect opportunity to focus on me. I need to do some much needed soul searching and self image renovations in the meantime. Thanx again.
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Its about the Deeper Issues.

I'm not overweight. My boyfriend thinks I'm perfect and if I change it should be gaining 10lbs.


I do the exact same thing. I binge AND BINGE AND BINGE and I can completely sympathise. It makes you feel so bad....I wanted to include my own profile/input here as a sort of proof it isnt about the weight, because myself and others who arnt overweight at all have this problem still.

Its really about why you feel you arnt worthy of a decent nutritious diet. Why you need food to fill a void. If you are truly, biologically hungry all the time, there may be a physical and medical issue. But usually, this kinda tihng is all about having other uncertainties/emptiness in your life in other areas, and expressing it with food/overeating, which becomes more and more of a habitual coping mechanism..and you then have a weight problem as well if it continues!

(unless you starve/purge etc, cough *looks away* which isn't recommended)

So the next question is...whats really "eating you" in your life?

It really ain't about the weight or food.
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I really canīt answer ur questions and thatīs bcause I have the same ones. Why canīt I stop eating? Why canīt I stick to a diet as so so many people do??
I feel the same way, lonely, defeated, worthless, but letīs keep on trying.. Ev

I know I havenīt helped u much, but now u know thereīs a lot of people who feel just like you.
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I struggle with this same issue. I want to giv eyou a big hug. You are not alone.

It is definitely mental. I have read so many books to help change my mindset and it has helped so far. As much as it can anyway. I think it has a lot to do with your mindset. If you are thinking about how you dont want to be fat, you will be. You have to focus on being a healthy weight. Assume you will get there and then you are no longer fighting yourself. YOu are just doing what would naturally occur if you were on the path to weight loss. What do you get out of eating too much? I eat when I am bored or lonely or upset. I know that. Eating became like a friend to me and I started to isolate myself more and spend more time with food. I know that is a problem. Until you find out what you get out of overeating, it is so difficult to change.

Believe in yourself and your strength. Dont see it as a fight to do something you dont want to. See it as something you are doing for yourself. Treat yourself well. YOu will see the results if you do.
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Maintaining :)
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Hillarie, don't despair! It is really hard! Keep at it, you will succeed! For me, I have to get the physical, emotional, and spiritual all to work together at the same time. It takes many false starts and "failures" before I finally get to that place where all 3 are working together. Hang in there - it will happen - if you don't give up!
I will keep you in my prayers - that you will have the strength you need.
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You certainly aren't alone in this. I agree with the above poster who said "what's really eating you?" because when I feel overwhelmed is when I binge. I've started substituting binging for 'organizing' these last few months. They both fill this compulsive need to 'do something' and it's actually w2orking for me, so I guess any advice I'd give would be to find that one thing that you can do instead. (Healthy, though.) I have a girlfriend who when she has a compulsion to binge, gives herself a facial. Weird, but it works.

::hugs you::

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I am so sorry about what your going through.....My little one is 10 months and I have only lost 4lbs and that was by workingout and eatting very healthy....Now I am back to my old ways of eatting and its alot and I cant stop,I feel if I put the effort I did in trying to lose and look good and that didnt work why bother (Stupid I know) Its always extrems for me I used to in my young days have a bad ED I was really skinny I made nicole ritchie look bigger.....I put so much stuff in my mouth and sadly I cant stop I dont know if its nursing a baby or a thyroid problem but I ALWAYS have food in my mouth and at the time I feel like I am feeling a void then I feel bad.....I feel for you.....You really are only 7 months pp and I think the body does wired stuff after pregnancy......You will get there give start by just trading the bad stuff you eat with healther stuff all I am saying is if you got to eat a cheeseburger and fries have it without the bun and get a kids size fri if you want a dessert eat half and pour salt on the rest of it,,Take baby steps heck I need to use my own advice haha but the bad does taste better....I am really into WW desserts right now and have ate 2 boxes tonight so bad.......

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Dear Hillarie ~ darlin' give yourself a break already! You just had a baby in January and your body is still going thru many changes and adjustments. Indeed, as Emily has asked you " WHAT'S EATING AT YOU, HILLARIE?"

You are overeating for a reason; it may be a subconscious thing, or something as simple as that you are craving food becuz of a vitamin deficiency. Are you taking a daily vitamin, and are you eating balanced all day? Are you getting lots of fluids (if you are breastfeeding, you will need extra fluids and calories)?

Try to drink more often and have fruits as a snack; and most importantly, keep your MIND busy doing something that you love for a part of each day. I detect some self-loathing in some of your statements ~ write a list of all of your positive qualities and put it somewhere that you can read it each day; and keep reading it until you believe it!

When negative thoughts come (which is very common with post-partum depression), say "CANCEL, CANCEL ... I am a good mother and wife ... and so on ..." You may need to seek medical advice to eliminate a physical cause first, or go for counselling (or to a trusted friend or relative) to dig out what's really bothering you.

Like someone else said, this really sounds like a SELF-WORTH issue; YOU ARE WORTHY OF BEING IN GOOD HEALTH. YOU DESERVE TO FEEL GOOD! YOU HAVE A RIGHT TO WANT TO FEEL COMFORTABLE IN YOUR BODY! You must do this for yourself HILLARIE, not for others, or you will end up feeling bitter.
Yes, bitter; why can't I have a piece of chocolate like other people; why can't I look like them; why can't I do what they do? Sound familiar?

TRUST ME, not everyone is sticking to their plans perfectly! Here's a trick I heard of once ~ every time you are hungry and before each meal, drink a large glass of water or favorite low-cal beverage; put a bowl of your favorite fruit on your counter (minimum x 3-5 pieces); you must eat all them each day before you can have any other kind of snack!

You have learned some bad habits; now it will take some time to RE-LEARN some new HEALTHY habits to replace them. Change one small thing each day or week, as you prefer. Start with a goal of ten pounds, then another times 4 and you will be at goal before you know it.

Mostly, you must remember that YOU ARE WORTH MORE THAN THE SUM OF YOUR WEIGHT; find all those qualities, focus on them; and practice new healthy eating each day, forgiving yourself when you slip; and just keep on going. I hope something here is helpful to you ~ ROSEBUD

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try keeping some low calorie snacks in the fridge...like carrot sticks?

also try to keep yourself busy

I've found that if I make my foods and it takes longer to prepaire, I don't feel so bad cause i'm keeping myself busy and still getting my food kick,...so like making soup, it takes me ages to prepaire (longer than the average person) and you can use low caolrie stuff too (tomatoes, carrots, spinich, onion etc) so even if you end up nibbling while you make it, the calories are hardly worth counting as they're so low

I also found that tomatoes sliced up are a good snack....low in values, takes a while to slice them, takes ages to eat them slice by slice etc...and you still get the feeling that yu've binged

Sorry if this is useless, - it's just something that's helped me a little that's all
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