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Default Would a general chat thread be a good idea?

I was wondering if we could do with a general chat thread to run alongside the Binge Free Week thread.

Someone mentioned that people might not wish to post as a whole week in a lot of pressure. Also, not mentioning any specific foods is a tough restriction for me, and one I have (and am likely to again) forget.

For these reason, I wondered if a general chat thread might be an idea? With a warning in the title that it may contain triggers?

What does everyone think?
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More to love!
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Sounds like a great idea to me, but I'm new so I'm just getting a feel for things
I try not to focus on eliminating the binges, so I would feel more comfortable with a general chat than one focused on going x days without bingeing.
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i think it's a brilliant idea, because i keep talking about different foods also and i don't realise it might set people off. I definitely think it's a good idea cause it really helps me writing down all the things i've managed to resist!
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Default go for it odaat


Thanks for your thoughts on the general chat thread.

I’d like that too, for much the same reasons. I’d hate to think my ramblings would trigger another member, and to be honest, it wouldn’t take much to trigger me in a vulnerable moment, whereas it’s a different ball game when I log onto a thread knowing that food is being shared about.

How should we proceed? I’m new to the ‘etiquette’ of all these boards, but am willing to do what’s suggested.

Hope all is well with you.

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What goes in a general chat thread anyway? Do we just talk about anything and everything? Personal things?

Anyway, I certainly don't see how it could be a bad thing.
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lc lifestyle
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Weekly Chat/Date*WARNING*Trigger Foods Mentioned!*

How's that sound?

Get one going ODAAT - I think its a GREAT IDEA! As I've said - I can't keep up with all these separate Threads - altho' I'd love to - a general chat would be just the thing - everybody could just talk about all the things they are currently Posting separate threads about, ya know?

That's what I think at any rate.

Have a great Tuesday all - I've been sick as a dog since yesterday - so shouldn't have any overeating probs today/tonight - we shall see!
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