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Smile Hello


My name is Liliann and I am a compulsive overeater/binge queen that hinders my chances of my weight loss efforts. I am shy, lonely, human being and for the life of me, don't have the true answers of why I can't control my eating habits. I wish I have the courage on saying NO when I see my binge food near me. I have no self control when it comes to sweets.,,which that is my biggest weakness. I wish I can make peace with food and eat normal, mindful eating without binging on sweets.

I had my share on the dieting world and lost weight..which I had failed due of my love for sweets. I want to break free from the diet/binge vicious cycle. I am not dieting, but do need to learn on saying NO when I see my sweets demon. I am weak when it comes to it. I live with my family and see sweets daily that is making my mind boggling. It's not my family fault of my sweet addiction, it is my doing of not having self control. The junk foods is hidden, well most of it.. but as a sugar addict, I find my ways to get my fix...which that is wrong.

During the year of 2000, and struggling with diet/binge cycle.. I was seeking of finding an eating disorder therapist..but my mental health center does not focus with that issue...and told me to go to OA...which OA is no where near my area. I had net email/phone friend that lives across the country..but even that faded away and I am alone. I need to vent out my food choices daily to a caring online friend. I have a boyfriend who understands my addiction, but do need female friends.

Now, I want to focus on eating mindful and having a binge free victories while living with my family.. That is my toughest challenge am facing daily. I binged, but don't exercise. I will also focus on a exercise for 30 min daily..which that is not going well due to the heatwave.

I want to post on here and vent out my unhealthy habit and being a caring, compassionate moral supporter to others the best of my knowledge.

Enjoy your day..We are all beautiful! and Smile! You are loved!!
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Hi Lillann!

Nice to meet you!

I too have a battle with sweets. But I've started to make sure they don't enter my home. I know that is hard when you live with your family....could you talk to them about removing the temptation?!?

There's also an OA board on ths website. Want to join us over there?
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Hi Liliann!

Thanks for posting that, I know it is hard to get some of those truths out. This is a great place to come to talk about those issues because I know (for me at least) that trying to talk to a "normal" person about binging it absolutely impossible.

It sounds like you're making some really good decisions for yourself with the devotion to mindful eating and exercise. The mindful eating thing is definitely a struggle for me. I've only recently realized that I actually try to eat super-fast so I can get as much down as possible before I feel full. I was doing it for years, but actually saying that made me realize how crazy that is. Of course, sometimes when you're in that mode, it is hard to remind yourself of that.

I just wanted to tell you that there are people here who definitely understand the compulsions you have and who are here to listen. I hope you're able to find a mental health professional who can help. I know that is something I need to face up to as well, but haven't had the courage yet.
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