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Threw my scale away almost 10 years ago.

I was a scale addict. It never gave me the numbers I wanted and had me depressed so I tossed it and never bought a new one.

Of course, I'd like to weigh myself (in private) every once in a while...
Sometimes I try when I'm at a friends house and I see they have a scale--especially if I can figure out how to work it! LOL
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Failure Is Not An Option
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i am on that stupid scale every single morning, after i've peed of course. No sense in weighing in more often since the number will increase with food and drink intake.
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Yes, indeed.
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I'm glad I don't own a scale, or I'd be on it constantly. When I do get the sudden and resolute urge to check on my progress, I (embarassingly) go to the Wal-Mart down the street and grab one of the scales there and step on it to weigh myself. I won't dare buy it though. >_>
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Every morning that I'm at home.

I'm generally at my boyfriend's house a couple of mornings a week, and he has scales, but I refuse to weigh on any other scales but my own.

I have a bit of a problem with it..I'm trying not to weigh myself for 3 days..its gonna be hard!
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I weigh when I think I've had an extra-bad day, and when I think I've had an extra-good day.
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I weigh every other day...when the scale goes down a little, I'm always afraid the next day it will go back up due to fluids, which is always a little depressing for me. I figure an extra day will ensure it stays down when I step on it again!
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Since I haven't really lost lbs. only inches since last Aug., I have become a bit obsessive about weighing myself. My official WI used to be on Fridays, but I weigh every day at least twice. I've been bouncing around 215 and 220 forever!
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CouponDiva Extroardinaire
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every couple days. If I've had a treat meal the day before, I skip a day o
f weighing in and then weigh in the day after.
I write them on a pg of looseleaf to kind of see the averages,the downward trend..
The only day I weigh more than once is on Official weigh in day, I weigh in the am when I get up, and then when I leave the house (suppertime)
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Every morning after I use the restroom, before I eat or drink anything! It works for me!
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