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Default proud moments in overcoming binges

So, I'm making this thread because I know I should feel proud of myself, but I'm sad anyway. :P I have the fortune (though sometimes, like right now misfortune) of dating a foodie of the highest degree. He writes freelance food reviews for local papers and he and his friends run a website that they're trying to grow into a large scale review site. Normally this is pretty good for me because when we go out, he knows where we can get healthy things or in the very least, what the best options at any place are for me. I was hanging out with him and his friends and their girlfriends tonight when the guys invited us all out to the famous "chocolate buffet" at a local hotel. I was the only one to decline because even a person without weight and binging issues would binge at an all you can eat gourmet chocolate extravaganza. I should be proud of myself for saying no.. and heck... I don't even like chocolate! I'm still sad that I'm missing out on the opportunity to do something like that.

It obviously shows my relationship with food. I feel like most people could turn down this event and not really give it a second thought- especially if it's for their health. But I'm working at feeling happy for myself rather than bumming because in the past, no diet would have been able to hold me back. This shows I'm committed.

Anyone else struggle like that? What are moments for you all where you've been able to overcome or avoid a situation where you know you would have binged?
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Good for you for skipping the event, Allie. That can't have been an easy decision, but I think it's a very mature one.

I'm a "secret eater", so I'd never be able to enjoy myself at an event like that (unless I could take a huge doggy-bag home).
Some of my worst moments are at family gatherings... particularly if we hold them at our place. I eat moderately, then can't wait for everyone to go home so I can gorge myself on the leftoevers. But I have a new strategy. I bundle up all the leftovers and give everyone a doggy-bag to take home with them. When everyone leaves, there's nothing left in my kitchen to tempt me.

I think it's okay to have coping strategies like the one you used. We're only human, and we're all different. We have to do what works for us.
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Default Proud

You should be very proud. As a chocolate fanatic ( dark, preferably with a truffle center ), i don't know that i'd have been able to stay away. And i'd have openly tasted everything and then snuck some home to eat later. But that's just me.
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Definitely, you should be very very proud. I don't know if I can do that. My first instinct when I was reading that was that I'd go, and then throw up when I got home.

That's my biggest problem though; I don't like people knowing I'm on a diet or watching what I eat, so when we're invited out we go and I eat like a pig with everyone else. That usually ends my diet for the week. It's sad. Socializing should be a wonderful thing, but it just makes me feel worse and I want to hide in the closet.
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First of all, CONGRATULATIONS on your success!!! Chocolate is my biggest weakness and I honestly don't know what I would've done in that situation!!!

My big success was yesturday. We were at the in-laws for supper and they had pizza (which is my second biggest weakness). So I took my two pieces and was done. I'm calorie counting and had left enough room only for two pieces and I did it . To make matters worse though, we brought home left overs . I still haven't touched them but am counting in one piece into my calories today. This is a HUGE success for me!!!!
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I hope I can continue this thread!!! ladies, let's share the reasons WHY we are proud of ourselves for overcoming a binge!!!

my proud moment:
today at work (4th of july), coworkers brought in a huge bunch of bbq food including hot dogs, buns, cheesy potatoes, pasta salad, doritos, and other items.
I was so nervous before because I KNEW I might just binge and even proclaimed "Maybe today will be my 'off' day....." as an excuse.
HOWEVER: I decided to "begin" with HALF of a lite hot dog (no toppings) in HALF of a bun----and a little less than half a cup of the cheesy potatoes. and just 1 handful of doritos---
usually, I would have gone back for seconds and thirds....but once I entered the calories into and began to see how they all add up I STOPPED and grabbed a bottle of water!!!!
I'm proud of myself!!!
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Thumbs up

That's great TurboLeda! It's always a challenge when co-workers bring in food, especially when there's more than enough for everybody.

Congratulations on eating small portions and not going back for seconds!
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