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Default exercising to make up for binge? I didn't do so well today. Correction. I did everything I was supposed to...but I also ate a spicy chicken crunchwrap supreme from taco bell, coming in at 540 calories.

So, if I workout an "extra" 540 calories 2morrow morning does that "erase" the effects of the food?

(I have a heart rate monitor that tells me calories so it's a decent way of calculating cal burned)

I usually go workout 6 days a week and I would jsut be adding in an "extra" workout to "make up" for that. Does that make sense? Should I do that? Is there a down side in doing that?

I realize that making this a habit isn't a good thing because at some point (like when classes start again) i'm not going to have the time to do this. Plus, overexerting myself on a regular basis can't be a good thing. But doing it this one time....

I need to/want to make up for this...
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Do you really consider 540 calories to be a "binge"

If you actually have an eating disorder, exercising to "make up" for overeating is an unwise move.

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All of these things take effect over time. Surely you won't be 500 cals over everyday. Let it average itself out.
I'm not good at math but I think that 500 cals over in one week is only 70-ish cals a day.
Don't worry about tomorrow. Eat well, exercise well and it'll even out over time.
If you feel that you must 'make it up' just be extra diligent for a week or so and add some strength training into your work out.
One day doesn't ruin everything ... neither does one ill-conceived meal.
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Doing it.
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I had a 1200 calorie binge this afternoon.. only took 15 minutes to eat... *sigh*

I'd rather have a "binge" like you had... I'd not worry about it if I were you!
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I saw this show on the TV the other week about how long you have to walk to take off a McDonalds meal deal it was like a full marathon. Just shows you how calorie laden some of those fast food meals are. A quick binge can feel so good at the time but a few seconds later you feel like such an idiot. If only you could get that feeling before the binge starts it would save alot of guilt and lamenting.

Anyways over the long haul you can easily make it up if you add say another 5-10 minutes of regular low impact exercise in your day just by doing little things in your every day life; like stairs, playing with the kids etcertra.

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