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Thumbs down After School

Im at school from 8.30am to 2.30pm we have a half an hour lunch at 12pm but when I come home I am ready to raid the fridge.
I never happens on week-ends and so on week days im having like 4 meals.
What`s wrong?
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Is there any way you could pack yourself a healthy lunch and not go home? Or do you have to? If it's optional, I would pack a healthy lunch and skip the fridge temptation altogether. Even if you're required to leave campus, pack a healthy lunch and go to a park and eat or something. I don't know how old you are, but if you have a car, you could eat there too. Just don't go home (but do find someplace safe and close to your school).
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I would suggest planning your day to include an afternoon snack when you get home. If you factor it in to your entire day's menu, then it might be easier to maintain control. I've found that when I don't know what I'm going to eat, I'm prone to grazing and things go down hill fast.

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maybe you could pack a snack to eat on the way an apple or another piece of fruit. then when you get home you won't be so ravenous.
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I found that most of my binges used to be right afterschool when no one was home. I finally put my finger on the problem. I did not eat enough earlier in the day. I would have a 200 calorie lunch and skip breakfast all together. Now, i eat breakfast, 10 o clock snack, and a nice healthy lunch. When i come home from school i keep myself focused. No matter how tired i am, I exercise. This past week I have swam and burnt off 300 calories everyday. Its a great feeling and makes it so much easier to not binge. Just by eating 'more' i have kept binge free for 40 days. It really works!
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After school used to be a bad binge time for me (way back in the day), and after work remains a tempting time. I try to schedule in a snack (usually some Fibre 1 - very filling). Also, if it's possible, try to schedule yourself something to DO during that time. Do your workout, hit the books at the library, do an after school sport, go for a walk. Change the schedule to keep yourself away from the kitchen/food.
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