Chicks in Control Overeating? Binging? Share uplifting support and gain control!

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The WW Boards are some of the nastiest people you'll ever deal with on many of them. The 200+ Board is ok and the Scale one is ok but no one is dishing out the real answers and being polite and friendly like 3 fat chicks.

The way to do something about this is to break bad habits. You live at home so you have to move. What you do is buy some cheap if you don't have ear phones and listen to music and walk in the neighborhood, the stores, the malls, wherever you can. Maybe a park in the evening but walk you must.

Food is going to be planned. Pick your fav Plan and get going on it. Cook it, freeze some, but you have to view those junk foods as frankenfoods from a lab. They are going to get you sick by packing on the pounds and adding lots of unwanted calories, sodium and fat. Making you not lose weight is not where it's at.

Fruit as a snack will allow you the sweets without the weight gain and veggies with a little low fat cheese wil also help you out. Don't overdo on carbs like crackers. They're a bad food because you'll eat more than you should. If you're famished, eat a bowl of cereal, fruit and skim milk. I did this and saved myself from failing.

I'm today starting day one of week two. I'm down 8 lbs. from eating properly.
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Trying so hard....
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I know.........that feeling of wanting to binge is so very very strong. For me it is like I am addicted to alcohol or drugs, but instead, food (and binging on it). I feel so out of control sometimes and compelled to eat, eat, eat, what can I eat tomorrow, on the way home from work, etc. I can't take it sometimes, the urge is so strong. Be strong, as I am trying to be as well.....
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Wow, Hunnasgirl, that is a tough situation!! I can handle eating out but junk food in the house would make it impossible for me. I don't have a lot of advice, but I do have a lot of sympathy. When I stay with my in laws for a few days, I have a very rough time of eating healthy.
This may be not be practical, but:
Hubby sometimes buys candy but hides it from me ie eats it when watching TV alone. I don't even know it's in the house. Any chance of yr MIL keeping junk food in her room instead of the kitchen?
Binging is about control. I would give some serious thought to trying to change my living situation to give me more control. If that is absolutely out of the question, I would give some thought to changing my work situation. I once quit a job cuz the stress was making me literally sick. Your living & working environment is difficult. So instead of just trying to change myself (into superwoman!), I would try to change the environmment.
Don't feel bad about yrself!
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I just wanted to thank all of you for your support and encouragement. I had stopped coming to the site because things have been out-of-control lately and I found myself allowing food to control me more than ever. But now I am ready to try again. I am trying just healthy eating habits and daily exercise, even if it is just 30 minutes pushing my daughter around in the stroller. Knowing that other people are going through what I go through makes it easier and I know that I can come here and vent if I need to. Today my goal is: to not eat anything that I did not bring into this house. Have a great day everyone!
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Default Welcome Hunnasgirl

Originally Posted by hunnasgirl View Post

How do people do it? I SWEAR I have the desire but I have no self-control. I don't need the food but I lose control and it takes over. How can food have so much power over me? !
Hi Hunnasgirl,

I donít know how I do it. Well, actually I didnít do it, not until I kind of threw in the towel and logged on here and got some support.

Now, itís different. For me, the difference, the huge essential difference lies in a very simple solution. I reached out for help, admitted I could not quit compulsive overeating on my own and I asked for some help and support. JUST LIKE YOU HAVE DONE TODAY.

I had so much shame around the fact that Ďfood had so much control over meí. Now, I donít seem to focus on that Ė Iím too busy being blown away by learning so many new ways to be around food.

I joined a support group Ė itís great Ė but I started to get abstinence as soon as I connected with the good people on this site. CONNECTION. So, like I said, I donít know why Iím powerless over food, I donít know how Iím staying abstinent for over 35 days, but I do know it definitely has to to with connecting to other people who suffer from the same awful compulsions.

Like a lot of people have shared, the tools are brilliant - journaling my food, my feelings, my cravings. It all helps.

Early on, I made a list of triggers Ė trigger foods, trigger situations. The food list changes and evolves. Iím now eating 3 healthy meals and a healthy snack. I only weigh in once a month, which helps me with discipline, but keeps me from weight obsession. Iím walking, swimming and going to the gym more often. And Iím loving the fact that my body is singing with energy from good good food.

My willpower does not work in this area. I cannot possibly promise Iíll stay abstinent. But I can make a decision that for this tiny minute of my life, I will not take that first compulsive bite. Just for now, Iíll write some stuff, or have a bath, or call a supportive friend. Maybe later Iíll binge,but not this minute.

I wish you every blessing. Keep close to us all here.
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Hunna-The fact that you came back and want to change says a lot. Being aware of the problem and wanting to change it is really what will help you to break free of it forever. I also believe in baby steps. You can't focus on next week, next month, or next year. Just living in today and making the healthier choices for yourself for today is what counts.

I am new to this and learning a lot every day. I know that my will to overcome my compulsive overeating is what's driving me now. I'm focusing on filling my inner voids with love, support, and faith in my higher power instead of with food.

I have an infant daughter and right now it is crucial that I work through my eating issues for her sake and mine. I want her to see me as a strong woman who deals head on with life's challenges rather than one who covers up her emotions with large quantities of food. I want her to see me having a healthy relationship with food instead of finding hidden candy wrappers or half devoured boxes of cookies. Most of all, I want to be physically, emotionally, and spiritually healthy so I can be the best mom that I can be (and be around a long time for her).

Best wishes!
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