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Failure Is Not An Option
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When my brother in law teased my husband about how he must like fat chicks since he is married to one.
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Hockey Mom
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I had a couple, both at different stages of "fat".
I was having a gyn exam. The doc, matter of factly,while palpapting my uterus with his hand said "its great, for a woman OF YOUR SIZE , I can feel your uterus without a problem" Like, I was soooo big, he head no problem telling me that.
Another was outside a Mcdonalds, in the parking lot. A car of kids drive by , one yells: YOUOOOOOOOOOR SSOOOOOOOOO FAAAAAAAAAAT!!!" AND YOU COULD HEAR THEM ALL LAUGHING. The sad part was, I had taken my niece there for lunch... I had lost 10 lbs that week, and I didnt even have not one french fry while I was there!!!!! REally..... thats how much that one sucked....
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I was getting a pedicure and the woman asked me how many children I had. I told her "One". The she asked me when I was due... I told her "fifteen and a half years ago..." OUCH!!!
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There are a few different defining moments that ive had like one on 6-30-07 me and my boyfriend took my daughter to the zoo and a picture was taken of me and i remember thinking I looked pretty cute before I left and when I saw that picture I was truely discusted with myself. I an regreting not having very many pictures of myself and my daughter or my boyfriend because i never will jump at the opportunity to have my picture taken. Just resently going pants shopping. omg that is the worst going shoping and not buying it because you think it cute but simply buying it because it fits. And I never use to be embarrassed when I went to the store or went to a fast food resteraunt until about the past few months especially. The thought will always go threw my head that someone is looking at me thinking im fat or talking about me because im fat. I dont want to be that fat person that people look at a make fun of. Its a cruel world and I just dont want to be the target anymore.
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ONE of my defining moments was when I attempted to try on clothes from last summer and I couldn't get the skirt over my hips. Another was walking into Lane Bryant trying on a 14-16 and being squeezed to death. Not to mention that it's hard to cross my legs and keep them crossed without having to hold them together. I lost cool points with that move. If you really want a reality check, get a camera (and a tripod so you can do this all alone. Take four pictures in a bra and panties. Front, Back, left side, right side. I did that and was left with my mough hanging open after I saw the folds of skin from the back. I wanted to wire my mouth shut. If you can take hose pics and look at them on a regular basis, it might motivate you if needed. I keep my pics hidden away just in case wandering eyes come to visit. I should post them all throughout my kitchen.
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No more excuses!
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when I realized that I promised myself I'd "be thinner at my birthday this year" and hadn't changed at all weight-wise for 2 years!!!!!!! I decided to make it a reality, however small, this September when I turn 24!
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