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Default on vacation and...

so, i admit i have had/do have issues with binging and purging. i go up and down with how well i am doing, as i think everyone does.

i went on vacation and away from my usual routine this week. my parents took me out to a large italian dinner and of course, gorged myself. breadsticks, cheese sticks, italian bread in olive oil, pasta, meatballs, breaded chicken...

of course after the meal i could barely move i was so full and i was shocked by my very first reaction... "wheres the exlax?" ....

i was stunned.

in the past it was always something i thought about and had to work myself up to do and this time, i just wanted it. i didnt have any, didnt go get any, let it pass and went back on plan the next day. but it was a frightenly "easy" answer.

i realize it doesnt do anything for weight loss really it is just in my head that it does, but still....

anyone else ever realize the moment when they knew binging and purging was becoming too "natural"...?
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Sorry you have and are struggling with binging and purging

I know exactly what you mean when you say it becomes too 'natural'.

For me it's been when the moment I start to feel full, my first reaction is "I need to purge!" even if everything I ate was low calorie and healthy. It's when I eat one small thing unhealthy (nothing outrageous, not even a binge), and my reaction is to purge.

It's when it happens no matter where I'm at, whether it be work, and I try to find a way, or whether I'm visiting my parents and make a far fetched excuse to book it home to purge.

Even more so when it becomes part of a 'daily routine'.

It's really crazy when you realize that it's to that point, and you have to wonder how you ever got there.

Anyway, I hope you don't let this take over you and let it stand in the way.

I hope things start looking up for you
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