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I have done about 4 hypnotherapy sessions so far and have been to a therapist on and off for the past 5 or 6 years. I have seen more improvements since I started seeing the hypnotherapist than I ever have from seeing a regular therapist.

As most people are saying, it just gives you the opportunity to REALLY relax. Basically, we all say that we can relax by laying down and watching TV or whatever, but it is not a true relaxation. I notice that you do have to re-listen to the tapes in order to see the effectiveness continue, but I have noticed tons of changes.

It's definitely not a permanent fix and I'm realizing that you really have to want to change in order to see real improvements. I have days where I really just don't care and I'd much rather binge than go through the whole relaxation routine (even though the relaxation routine is probably easier). It's so much easier to revert to your old ways, but by slowly replacing old behaviors with new ones that are much more beneficial to your body, it might be possible to make improvements.

You might want to check out EFT. It's a tap therapy that uses many of the same pressure points as acupuncture. It can definitely help you to relax when you're stressed, which is definitely a huge trigger for my bingeing.
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I went to hypnosis classes years ago. I loved them. I had so much fun. We did past life regressions and then she taught us self hypnosis and etc. I remember the instructor said that as long as you know that a hypnotist cannot make you say or do anything that you do not want to do then you are always in control. It is your belief that the hypnotist has control over your actions or mind that gives them the permission to make you cluck like a chicken, or whatever. You think, wow I am hypnotized so I have no control over myself, and so you do what you are told to do. Does that make sense? I just purchased a book on hypnosis scripts. The book has scripts that I am to record, in my own voice, and then use them in self hypnosis. For example there is a script for weight loss, for exercise motivation, for releasing anger and etc. The author says that in hypnosis your own voice is very powerful. I bought it because I remembered how much I use to enjoy self hypnosis so long ago. I cannot tell you if it works since I just got it. I will let you know.
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I did hypnosis years ago. It did not work for me, but I don't think it was the hypotist's fault, as far as a bad job-- I could not let go. I just could not relax. This guy was "creepy" looking and he was the only one in there. I was uneasy.

I have read Paul McKenna's book. I am taking some of the concepts, but I have not listened to the CD.
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