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Default Anyone...anyone?

Hello, I really hope that there is someone who can help me with a few questions/problems I am haveing.

For the last 3 months I have been trying to reach my goal weight of 120 pounds. I have yet to lose anything at ALL!! It has been so hard for me, and my family is very tired of hearing me complan all the time. I know that can reach my goal, I just don't know what I am doing wrong!! I have been working hard. Although, have a rather HUGE sweet tooth, and I know that this is part of my problem...okay, it probably is my problem.

Here's some backround info: I was 120 pounds my freshman year, and am now 140 pounds in my junior year. I am 5'2", and am tired of feeling ugly!! I want to look amazing for swimsuit season...and as horrible as this may sound, I wat to look amazing when I see a certain someone this coming summer!!! I work out almost everyday for about an hour...give or take a little. I would like to lose 20lbs in 4 months...i just need some help!

Here's my questions, hopefully someone can answer:

1) How long does it normally take someone to lose 20 pounds? I would like to reach my goal weight in about 4 months. Is this to short of a time.

2) I know I have a problem with there any books/diets/ or anything really that I can try? I need to stop eating so much unhealthy foods (ie, ice cream, cookies, chocolate...ughhh)

3) What can I do to help me reach my goal? (Exercises, how often, when?)

4) I hear that working out for 26 min. in the morning helps a this true? I have such a hard time getting up in the morning as it is...haha, but I will try ANYTHING!!!

Hopefully this wasnt super awful to read...I just don't know who to go o, or what I should do anymore...I am so sick of knowing I could be smaller...and not being able to lose any weight. I step on the scale, and nothing is missing. I'd really like to start my "new life" tomorrow. If anyone can help, please let me know!!!

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Welcome To 3FC!

1. Don't set yourself up for failure. Forget the 20 pounds in 4 months. What happens after the 4 months? You should be setting yourself up for life. Studies have shown that those who only go for short term gratification generally fall back to where they were before.

2. Get a journal and write down everything you eat: including exact measurements, why you ate it, and the time you ate. This way you are aware of why you are eating the unhealthy foods and what triggers you.
Also, find some sort of plan that can help keep you in line. I personally adore south beach- it has great concepts.

3. Just take it day by day. Exercise and eat well.

I really wish you the best of luck
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I agree - write down everything! Also - save the sweets for a "day-off" day. Try and eat properly except have a couple of treats on a designated day. This will cut your weekly calories but you can still have your treats.
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I have a terrible sweet tooth, and this is going to sound weird, and maybe not applicable to your situation...but....when I put a black 'X' on both my hands (I do it in permanent marker) it is a constant reminder to think about what I'm eating (sugary stuff, with my hands!) and it makes me stick to a non-sweet lifestyle. Strange but true!
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My two cents;

I too have a sweet tooth . . . oh my goodness yes I do. I don't follow and diet systems, e.g. WW, south beach, etc. I make conscious choices everyday, and if I want that chocolate I do crunches . . . so that I can think about WHY I want the chocolate. Do I want it because I'm bored, tired, angry, hurt . . . if it's for one of these reasons I don't eat it, because I know it will only pacify me temporarily. I do however eat chocolate EVERY DAY, but I usually eat 1/4 to 1/2 oz a day, usually as a reward for doing extra time on the eliptical machine or doing an extra yoga class during the week.

The others are right, do it slow and sure. Write everything down, BEFORE you eat it and ask yourself "Do I want this inside me or do I want to be inside that swim suit" . . . then the choice is yours. Maybe try some toning exercises or weight lifting to help tone and strengthen your body. Muscle burns more calories than fat. Maybe yoga or pilates

Either way just don't give up, you've been doing the same thing for a while, maybe your body needs something different, so shake things up bit.
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thanks you guys are a huuuge help . I'm just going to work really hard, and the "X" thing sounds like it would work...I've considered trying it haha.

thanks again, it means so much .
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Hey, try fitday PLEASE. Especially if your biggest problem is with sweets, because it shows you not just how MANY calories you eat but what KIND they are, all in a pretty little chart. If you keep good track, work out, aim for like 1700 calories a day with no more than 30% fat (that part is HARD for me), it might well be possible to lose the 20 pounds - although I second the person above who points out that its far more important to think long term. Because god knows you don't want to have to do this for every event in your life. Good luck!
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