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Default Excess Mucus

O.k. I know this is tmi but I'm wondering if anyone else has experienced this while on Atkins. I do not have a cold or anything but usually in the mornings or sometime throughout the day I find myself coughing up mucus/phlem or needing to spit. Gross I know. I'm hoping it's some sort of cleansing process but not sure how since I'm eating a ton of meat and cheese? Any takers or why this is happening?

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I've been on Atkins over 2 years and can honestly say, I've never experienced this problem. My only guess is, it could be caused by the cheese. Dairy products can have this effect on some people. Thats all I can think of unless, you have possibly developed an allergy.

All the best to you!

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I agree, it could be the cheese, or maybe you aren't drinking enough water? Those are the only things I can think of. I hope it gets better for you soon!
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Yup, dairy sounds like it could be the problem. Maybe cut back on it a bit (really you can have up to 4 oz a day, so if you are exceeding that you mightg want to cut back a bit) and see if that help. I agree with the water as well. Make sure you are drinking more of it that eating the cheese. And believe you me, we have had way more personal information posted here in the past. LOL Phlem is nothing!
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I've been on Atkins for 11 months and haven't had this problem at all. It might be the cheese, I'd try to cut back and if I didn't notice a change, I'd see my doctor. The last time I had excess mucus with a cough it turned out to be pneumonia. Good luck and best wishes.
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Lilybelle's right-I'd see the doctor just in case.

Have you ever had a problem with dairy before? This is just one of many things it could be, but you may have lactose intolerance. It can occur in varying degrees. I have never had a problem with cheese or butter, but if a drink a glass of milk or eat ice cream, I "spit up the lactose" (sorry for grossing anyone out). It usually happens within about an hour of eating/drinking the offending food. It may have never shown up before now, because it can also depend on what else you have in your stomach. For example-I can't drink a glass of milk, but I can put a little bit in cereal and it doesn't bother me. Just a suggestion-but like lillybelle said-see the doctor if it doesn't get better. People have been known to have walking pneumonia and feel just fine other than the cough/mucus.
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In 6 years doing Atkins I never had that problem. You could be lactose intolerant and it is possible to develop it with no warning.
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