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Seeking self security
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Default Livin La Vida LoCarb

Hello fellow lowcarbers and lowcarbetts, I have been following a lowcarb diet of 30 carbs or less for the past 2 weeks, Actually that's why i'm writing today, yesterday was my two week mark and I totally blew it. Not only did I have a monstous taco bell outbreak, but I ate a lot of candy! Go figure. I just had to let that out. I'm hoping in posting this, i can fuhgetaboutit and move on. I haven't weighed myself, but i'm hoping any weight i may have lost hasn't come back with one night of being bad. Think it has?
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Hello Insekur,

First of all, congrats on doing the low-carb thing for 2 weeks. That's GREAT!! And don't worry about "blowing it". We all do now and again. The important thing is to just keep on going with your low-carb way of eating like nothing ever happened... I really don't think your Taco Bell and candy binge did too much damage. Go ahead and weigh yourself and find out. If you did gain anything, it'll come off quicky.

I know from experience that "blowing it" can do a real number on your head. At least it does to me. I feel like I've completely screwed everything up and I might as well give up and eat a pan of brownies. But seriously, think of it like this: 2 weeks of eating right compared to 1 screw up.... Not a big deal, you're doing good. Just keep at it!

Join us at the Atkins weekly chat. That's where we meet to give each other support, advice, and also give our "confessions" of slipping up every now and again. Look forward to seeing you there!

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that one screw up will not gain it all back, but it will hold alot of water. Which will feel like you've put on some. So drink your water, get it all flushed out, and in about 2 days, you should feeling good again.

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Seeking self security
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Thanks for your input, I'm feeling better already! I think i may actually go out and buy a scale today. Also, I have a slight addiction to diet soda and was wondering if this inhibits success?
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It seems that the sweetners in diet drinks can cause some people to have a slower weight loss, but then many havent had any effect from it - i think it depends on your own body, personally sweetners have no effect on my weight loss at all! In my own opinion any diet that is very restrictive on what you allowed to eat can get you down so i think if diet soda makes it that bit easier for you to cope than thats whats important! good luck getting back on track!
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Way to go for sticking with low carb for two weeks!! Just jump right back on the healthy wagon!! The one night that I did cheat, it was at my bf's bachelorette party and I drank too much. I felt like CRAP the next day, not just from the alcohol but from the load of carbs I put into my body. I'm not sure if it happens to everyone but my body just can't take all those carbs anymore. I learned my lesson LOL You found an awesome forum, just HANG in there!

One thing that really helps me is the tickers in our sig lines. It helps that I'm beind held accountable...GOOD LUCK!
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Insekur: Welcome and I have to join in with everybody and say congrats on the 2 week induction!!! That is totally awesome! And as they've said...1 cheat isn't going to mess things up. Just jump back on and you'll feel great again. If you only cheat then I truly have to give you kudos!!!
Come join us on the daily so we can get to know you and you us...and we can all cheer and encourage each other!!
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I've been gone, but WELCOME!!!!
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