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Default April Fools!! Chat (4/1)

Hey everyone...I'm down to my goal weight. Yup, I WISH! So do you do fools jokes on people? I don't.
I have to go washing machine shopping. ARGH!!!! Why can't machines last longer than 5 years? That's the bad thing of buying them almost all at the same time....cuz they go OUT at almost the same time! Bad thing is we have a STEEP stairs to our basement and that's where it's gotta go. I could have the store here in town come and deliver one..but I think they're like $50 more expensive than other places...PLUS charge $40 for delivery. Not sure it's worth it.
Managed to stay OP yesterday. WOOHOO!!
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Hola muchachas!

I have been seriously MIA this week. I am just trying to make things normal again in my house with my Amber. It's been hard, because all of a sudden everyone knows something and its just plain a PIA, ugh.

ANyways...I have tons of reading to catch up on. I hope you are all doing fantabulous. Thank you for all the well wishes, and prayers. I appreciate them.
Talk to you ladies later! Have a good day!
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