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Wink Monday, Feb 21st Chat

Good Morning Ladies,

Can't go into work yet b/c of all this icky snow, so here I sit lolol.

How is your Presidents Day Monday ?
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Leenie: So how much snow did you get? And you didn't really want to work anyway did you? enjoy your day.

Well, today it's back to LC eating. I don't feel bloated like I usually do after my carbfests...but I'm sure that would have been coming. And w/the messing w/the BC pills and such it's thrown my system off so TOM should be coming..but who knows when. GRRR. I remember this from being a teen and HATED IT!!!! DH took the day off to spend with me. I feel SO special Oldest DD has an ortho appt today....and then after we have to rush them back here to town because they have a GS doodad going on. Oldests troop is putting it on. But seeing how she just re-joined it wasn't my fault for scheduling it for today!!!! Should be an interesting day. I'm also going to the store to get more stones for my fish tank. I cleaned it ALL out yesterday and put it back together. But couldn't get the chlorine smell off the stones so just decided to do a complete change for that. Then I'll leave it for a couple more days and then re-add the surviving fish. Dang ick/ich anyway!!
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Hey Brenda, glad your not feeling like total phooie today We got about 7" - 9" easy.
I did make it into work, just got here (9 am). Good thing its presidents day and alot of folks are off (except us of course lol), it kept the roads empty for the most part. One guy I watched in a pickup truck spin out b/c he was busy talking on his cell phone and wasn't paying attention when turning an icy corner...DUH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hate HATE HATE!!! people who chat on their cell phones w/out a hands free...drives me insane b/c I see them almost causing accidents like crazy. Why can't it wait until you get home or pull over on the side of the road to talk. SHESSSSSSSSSSSH.. Okay rant over LOLOLOL !!!! snort ~
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Goodmorning Ladies!!!

Well it is Monday morning. I am feeling a wee bit better. I was pretty much on cold meds allll day yesterday. Walgreens had a buy one get one free offer. So I got the day and night time cold meds for only 4bucks. Woo hoo. LOL. Lots of juice, and a ton of water. The juice threw my LC out of wack, sooooo....I have to yet again restart. I will do it tomorrow, because today I am drinking a TON of OJ, lol. Seriously. far the morning isn't too bad because part of the system is down and I can't do the report I need to since that part is down, ha ha. LOL. Means more work later but whatever Monday's are always so slow. Plus people prob think we are closed, which is fine by me. No plans for this week. Tonight I have to complete the invitations to Amber's bday party which is on the 5th, so I can give everyone enough time to RSVP. I am excited. I always love love love her bday parties. I am going to try and make cupcakes, lol. Believe it or not, I have never made any, lol. Funny huh. I usually just go and buy them, I know. But this year I am trying to be a domestic Goddess, lol. Did I tell you about the lady at Walmart? This lady at the bakery, I was ordering Amber's My little Pony cake-well-we order it and I ask her, if she has those little MLP rings to go on top of the cupcakes, she tells me that they come with the cupcakes and cannot sell them seperately. Well my Mom tells me that I should just order the cupcakes, and I tell her about me trying to be more domestic (lol) and bake them-(its more that I want to bond with Amber, she's fun when we bake things together)-well the lady says "Wait I will be right back" and she comes back with 24 little rings, and tells me "Here take these as my gift to your daughter". Wasn't that sooooo sweet. So this morning I am going to write a letter to Walmart to tell them about how sweet and helpful this lady was.

Leenie--where do you live? Awww! I wish it snowed here, lol. In Tucson we never get anything but rain a few times a year. Saturday night we had a hail storm. The 3 of us were watching out the window into the backyard, it looked like snow, then immediately melted. LOL. SO I guess that doesn't exactly count huh. Becareful driving out there. People never drive right here either. Dummies.

Brenda--OOOh so you get some alone time with hubby! Woo hoo. OMG I was just thinking how do you do it? Your daughter in girlscouts and all those yummy cookies. Girrrrl you are a brave soul, lol.

Well I hope every one has a great day! Gotta go work, or at least look busy.
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Default Good Afternoon

Hi Ladies!

Its been a busy couple of days. Dh and I had a few signs to make and get installed. I was planning on spending a few days in southern ontario this week, but things got changed a bit, and I'll be heading up there later in the week instead.

Im back to lc'ing this morning. I think Ive had my sugar fix for the year NOT but it should do me for a while anyway!!

Have a great day!
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