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Default Thursday Mar. 4th Daily Chat

Hi there! Kickin it off early! For those of you who remember me, Hi I'm back! Yay! I'm done with that hellacious work schedule I've been on for the last 8 weeks. No more 14 hour days of night shift! Woo Woo! Only day shift from now on. I did a modified version of this WOE while away and managed to keep the weight off and lose a couple of more pounds. I'm down a total of 32.2 lbs from when I started Nov. 1 and down from a size 22 to a 14. YAYAY! .

Started again 100% on Monday and am loving it. Couldn't wait. Been doing great. Everything else is fine. Dh and I are doing better. He's been seeing a therapist about the addiction thing. El baby-o will be turing 1 this month. Aaarrrggghh. It goes too fast. Well, just wanted to start the day and say hello and Love to all the girls I've missed. Welcome to all you I don't know yet. I'm looking forward to getting to know you and supporting you. Love and hugs.
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Welcome back to you. I just started Jan 26.
Having another rough day with my back I thought by now it would be doing better but is still nagging me. I hoped to stop the pills today but I guess the doc new monday night since she gave me 50 pills LOL guess these things last longer then 4 days.
I have the Nickleback concert friday night and hoping I can even sit through it.
Let alone the hour drive there and then hour home again. OWWWWWWW.

Things are moving in the right direction and am very happy. I hope to get into size 12 before summer. It is doable since I am in mostly 14's now.
Once my back is better I want to do some tummy excersizes which doc told me will help support my back.
Anyone have any mild ones for an aching back.
Better run wake up kiddies for school
Have a good day
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Morning all!
- Jam- Nice to meet you!

- JJ- Sorry to hear about your back, I know I've had 2 surgeries and back pain is....well, a PAIN! I don't do much exercising outside of walking, but I plan to start swimming. I do what I can and my back lets me know when I've done too much.

No walking for me this morning. I have to get to work early this am. I'll check in later.

have a GREAT day! Weather here is going to be in the 70's! whoooopeee Hurry spring!
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Add me to the back pain!! I'm waiting to get an MRI. Dr. thinks I might have a herniated disc. YUCK!!! All I know is that it hurts more then childbirth and I had 10 and 11 pound babies!! LOL!!

The boys are in rare form this morning. Picking and fighting with one another. I can't wait until spring when I can send them out for a bit to blow off all the energy they have. The oldest is 13 and thinks he's a breath away from being a MAN!! The youngest is 6 and does everything and say everything that his older brother would have never dreamed of saying or doing. Five boys = a busy day!! If they don't brace up I'll have them do extra work today. I've had to do that and they get the idea really quick that I'm not going to tolerate their fighting.

Violin lessons today for the two oldest boys. While they are there I'll go to the grocery store and pick up a few odds and ends.

I think I'm going to get DH to take me to the grocery store on Saterday. I usually do all of the by myself but with my back feeling the way it does I would rather let him lift the 50# bag of taters.....LOL!!

Portions were more realistic yesterday and so far today I've done very well. I'm going to color my hair today. I have roots to beat the band! I really get tierd of my blonde hair and I've tried to color it two shades darker...sort of a dark blonde..but it seems that the color never really stays!!! I don't know I guess it's a never ending battle.

Off I go to enjoy my day ( tongue in cheek) they are fighting about cream of wheat...Maybe I'll start to act like them and let them see how funny they look!! LOL!!

Have a great one!!

Blessings to all,

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jamlinrich: welcome back

jjcj: hope your back is feeling better so you can enjoy your concert!

lizzy: I envy your weather! we're supposed to get MORE rain. Our basement (which is where it's all going) can't handle much more!!

chrissy: sorry to hear about the possible herniated disk and your kids being a pain. If it's not one thing it's another right??

Well, oldest DD told me she wants to quit choir last night. So now I've got to head to the school after work and talk to the guidance counselor to get her out of that class. She said with everything going on she just doesn't have the time she needs for homework. Ok, who swapped my kid on me?? She behaves (most often) way too old!!! Of course, there's more to the story than what she's telling me---but I'll never get it out of her. She's also decided she doesn't want to go camping this summer with the GS. WTF? So now I get to go camping with kids that aren't even MINE!!! GRRRR. She'll probably end up dropping out of GS next. I don't know what it is w/her lately. Then again. She's always been different. She prefers to be by herself. She has friends, but she doesn't call them on the phone and babble for hours (not sure if I should be complaining or happy about that), she doesn't go to their houses to sleep over and rarely ever has (only if I mention it) anyone sleep over. Aren't 11 yr olds SUPPOSED to be starting to do that??
Oops. Got chatty there for a minute The scale still hasn't moved. I don't do the official weigh in and measuring until Saturday so hopefully a pound drops off between now and then. I haven't had a chance to exercise except the day I checked out the pilates tape (and only did 2 minutes of it). Hopefully soon my schedule slows down so I can get something done (well, we could call walking around yesterday with about 50 GS exercise).

Hope you all have a great day!!
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Good Rainy Jersey Morning Everyone

Welcome back Jamie and Chrissy ((((HUGS))))
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Morning everyone,

Lots of pain out there today, I actually feel fortunate now just to be dealing with this horrible cramping pain, but the meds should be kicking in soon. But you won't see me complaining anymore, my df has a bad back so if you ladies are anything like him, I can empathize.

Brenda, I was much like your daughter around that age, I'm a thinker, have always liked being by myself and doing solitary activities, even though I was fairly social, still do in fact, I have 3 days a week that I don't plan anything and just spend with myself. Df used to be baffled by it, naturally he felt a bit unloved at first but after 7 years he's better now . I think some people just like to live in their heads a bit more than others, I was also teased a lot in school at that age so I'm sure that had a lot to do with it too.

Chrissy, nice to meet you, and hope the boys don't add any extra pain to a** to go with that back pain.

Bizzy, I'm waiting for that temperature, I want to go outside again, I'm getting so pale! Well at least it's in the 70's in my house

Jjcj, i went to the nickelback show in early feb. it was awesome but we didn't sit a whole lot so I hope your back heals up enough for you to stand up and cheer a bit.

Jamlinrich, nice to meet you too and welcome back. Wtg on maintaining the last few months, that is always the challenge isn't it? looking forward to getting to know you too.

So it's just off to work today, I'm firing someone today, have an awful feeling in the pit of my stomach about it but it has to be done. Sometimes I hate being the boss and this is one of those days. I just wish people would listen to direction and do their job then this sort of thing wouldn't have to happen. It's a bit of wishful thinking but it's just so horrible to do this to anyone. Hope everyone has a good day and mine will naturally be better when it's over

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Good moring ladies just sneaking in to wish you all a great day, I am at work so must be brief, but it is great to se JAMIE!!! and new people too!! Congrats to the loosers and hope all the back pain people start feeling better soon, back pain is the worst.....that is why I love my chiropractor soooooooo much!

I will be back this evening to wish everyone personal greets!!

I am OT and starting to feel better, if this lingering cough would leave I would be perfecto!! The Ds's are so ready to be able to go back to the gym playroom too, it has been rainy and they are inside and BORED! Going out to lunch tonight with SIL so we will see how it goes, we have to go somewhere I can stay OT or I will not go eat! No more cravings for me.
Have a happy LC day chiquitas!!
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Good morning......back to work today. Feeling better but still don't have much of an appetite. The good thing about that is I am down, down, down. I think I could be in the fabulous 150's by the end of this week. WOOHOO.
Not my favorite way of getting there but I will take it.

I was swamped when I came into work today after being out for two days then I had a huge company meeting to go to. The powers that be came to our office for once. Face to face instead of an internet meeting. Now there is a novel approach

Theo'sgirl: Sorry you still have the cough, those are tough to get rid of. Having had pneumonia a couple of times in my life and horrible allergies I always get bad coughs when I have a cold. They just seem to hang in there forever.

Tummy Girl: I don't envy you having to let someone go. That must be the hardest thing to do. But for myself, working for a huge company I know that sometimes it has to be done. Hope you are ok when it is all said and done.

lady_adnerb: I think teenage girls must be harder to handle than boys. I know I was and my mother had 4 boys older than me. I think they were a sinch.

ChrissyB: Glad to see you. I too am one of those blondes fighting the roots. I used to be what my mother called a "toe head" hair was almost white till I got into my teens then it slowly started getting darker. I was a medium blonde up until a few years ago and now it just keeps getting darker and darker and I keep trying to make it lighter and lighter. Sometimes I just think I should go dark and be done with it. But I know soon the grays are going to take over and I can keep it light. What a battle

BizzyLizzy: Jelous about the weather! It is a little warmer here today but rainy. It has been nice the last couple of days but I never saw any of it being sick in bed This Sunday is supposed to be great so I will get my walk in. Hope you do too when your back is better.

jjcj: Hope your back is better soon. Would hate to see you miss the concert. You keep working and you know you will definitely be in those 12's and maybe even smaller by the summer!

Jamlinrich: Well, well, well.....HELLO Jamie! Great to see you back. Glad those crazy hours are over for you. Also happy to hear about your husband. Good for you for staying OP. Planning anything big for El baby-o's 1st birthday?

Leenie: Big We are rainy here too

Check in more to catch up on my calls.
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Tummy: I'm not sure I could fire anyone. Even if it did have to be done. Good thing I'm not the boss.

Theo'sGirl: I love my chiro also. He sure does wonders!! (helps that he's cute too. )

Jane: Glad you're feeling better. Maybe it's a good thing your appetite is gone? Want mine??

Can you believe tomorrow is FRIDAY??? YEAH!!!!! Maybe for once I can stay home and not run all over the place. I'd love a Little House On The Prairie marathon (I bought the 1st season package of CD's). Then I wouldn't get hungry at my parents house. Not sure what it is about that house that makes me want to EAT. Talked to the oldest DD's guidance counselor and set it up for her to drop Choir and get a study hall back. Hopefully she'll be happy (at least for a couple days). Lord help me when she actually STARTS to get her TOM!!!!!!

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Thought I'd give the daily chat thing a try, although I feel I may be a bit late in the day. Hello to all. For all of you on the East Coast I deffinately empathize about the weather, it is a rainy miserable mess in Boston and it's really making me want to nap instead of going to the gym. But I figuire if I play my cards right I may be able to do both. Went to the gym yesterday for the first time in a very long while. I'm a little sore, but I feel like a lot of it may have something to do with the fact that I somehow managed to fall off an ellipitical machine. After I lose this weight, the next thing I have to do is gain some balance.
Jane- I completely know what you mean about being swamped after being sick. The beginning of my week was horrendous becuase of all the things I was unable to do while I was out of commission, but don't worry, one thing at a time and eventually it has to be over.
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Hi Genghis and welcome. People sit and join at any time of day.

Forgot to mention my oldest DD is starting to get a sore throat (strep is going around the schools), and youngest is feeling sluggish (hmm...flu is going around). So one way or another I'll end up with a sick kid at home one of these days.
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Hi Everyone,
Sorry I don't have time for personals, just dropping a quick note. The weather here is gloomy, all dark and damp.. just miserable. It makes me lazy and I can't have none of that! I need to balance my checkbook, clean up the house a tad and get a workout in within the next hour so much to do so little time! I'll try to check in later, hope everyone is making the best out of the day.
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Whew!!!!!!!!!!! That felt better......just needed to vent before I ate another helping of chicken & spinach!
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I'll catch up later ....but just wanted to say "I'm scared"....

YIKES!!! I need to get more small cheats!
I am applying for Life Insurance and the agent told me I need to be 205 in order to get the better premium.
So he said...
Can you drop 12-15 quickly?

OH NO!!! I've been stuck at 218 since October....
So now I've GOT TO add in that required exercise!!!!
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