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Default What do you take....

What do you take when you have a cold? I know they say most cough syrups have sugar. So what do you take? How about for cough drops? My nose is starting to stuff up and for some reason my chest is feeling pretty heavy. (hm..could be because my daughter has a cold and I've been exposed at work to this nasty cold?). Anyone have suggestions on where to go to get supplies for a cold? And could those prohibit weight loss?
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Living in low-carb mecca - there are lots of sugar free cough syrups around here, but most have those nasty sugar alcohols. An easier alternative - get your medication in pill form.

I also take sugar free zinc lozenges. They help me get feeling better much faster.
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I have asthma very bad and have since childhood.
Typically I am at the pulmonologist at least 4 times a year for troubles - and usually he puts me on prednisone to clear it up. The last time I was there was July 2003....THE DAY he told me to do something about my weight or I will not be around much longer. Since going low-carb I have not had ANY asthma OR cold related problems....AND my husband has had pnumonia and my dd has strep throat for a time in the fall.

If I feel a little scratchy throat business happening I will take a homeopathic remedy "Humprey's #77". I have no idea how many carbs - but when I get sick Carbs is the last thing on my mind. I only know that this WOE and the supplements (CO-Q10 and Aceytl-L-Carnitine) I feel are my best protection against disease.
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