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Each Bite of Sugar...
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Afternoon everyone... been a busy, chatty day.

Happy Birthday Jaime... and Congrats to the incredible shrinking woman, Karen.

I've had a decent week. Walked Mon. & Tues. - but then my walking partner had lunch dates the rest of the week and it was raining... so my lunch walks came to a stall. HOWEVER, I also was down nearly 6 pounds this week, but up 2 this morning from lack of walking. So, it's been a good week with a 4.5 pound loss. Tonight it is sunny, but cool, so maybe I can convince dh & dd to go for a walk.

Still not back at my low from September - but back on track.

Needed fast food last night, so I went to Taco Time and got their beef taco salad - not the kind that comes in the flour tortilla. It was great!! I don't know how many carbs it came with, but all it had was lettuce, ground beef, cheese, tomato slices, and whatever dressing it is. It did come with a side of chips, which I skipped, but I don't imagine it had too terribly many carbs in it. Better than beans or tortillas for my blood sugar.

We're going to Puyallup (pronounced Pew-al-up) to look at some condos tomorrow afternoon. Hopefully we'll agree on one of them and try again to buy. These are nice, actually, and while smaller than we initially wanted, they have an attached garage which is very important to dh.

Long weekend ahead of me - followed by a short work week. I love it when this happens. I get every other Friday off - I am working today - off next week. So, I'm only working Tues/Wed/Thurs next week. Gotta love that!

Okay, that's about it from here for now...
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Mom, Queen of Everything
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Sorry I wasn't able to post this a.m. before the onslaught, but my 9-year-old suddenly had some very interesting questions about birds, bees, and the like. No time like the morning rush to deal with THAT topic.

Got some absolutely WONDERFUL NEWS at work today!!! There is a charitable foundation that hosts a golf classic each August in our town and they've "adopted" my classroom. Looks like I'll finally be able to get in some new computer software, teaching materials, and maybe even a new oven to start the little kiddies working on some life skills. I got so excited about the news (which came from out of the blue), that I actually forgot to eat lunch. I don't believe I have ever forgotten to eat a meal in my life!

Star: are you sure we don't share the same mother? A few years ago, during my first Atkins foray, mine actually recruited family members to call me up and tell me that I would be dead of a heart attack in a year if I stayed on Atkins!! One of them (a sort of twice-removed somebody), actually had a mild heart attack a few months after that nasty incident due to her massive size. I've heard that paybacks are ****, but that was ridiculous!

Froufy: Your hubby sounds so romantic! Have a fabulous time -- wherever you end up!

Karen: Ours is not to question why, ours is but to say "goodbye" -- to the pounds that is! Great going. I know you must be psyched!

Jamie: You can't see, but I'm doing the happy birthday dance for ya!

Everyone Else: hope your day was great!
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Hi everyone, checking in late today as I was working off-campus again, so it's harder to sneak on to check & chat...

First, Happy Birthday Jamie!!

I was all happy today puttering away with my program that I got working, when my one supervisor tells me that I should have just taken the short cut to get it working. Well, of course, I had thought of the short cut, but I wanted my program to work for all cases, which is what I did. He didn't figure it was necessary to spend all that time to get it functioning for all cases, and just to worry about our couple of! Whatever. I'm still happy that it works for all cases.

Star: I'm lucky myself, as it was my mother who recommended Atkins to me!

Story: I hope that you have luck in finding a condo that suits your needs! Looking for new homes is annoying work!

Froufy: I'm usually not an emotional person, but I remember that I was really sad after leaving my co-op job where I worked for 8 months (and that's not even a *really* long time!). It was just before I was going to Holland for a year and I had got along with everyone in the department so well and we had just won a contract that we had been working super hard on, so it was sort of sad to leave at that point! I hope you settle well into your new job. Kick some butt over health canada!

Anyway, I've got to stop here...I want to check out the other posts and my hands are FREEZING!!

Take care everyone & I hope you have great weekends!

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Head Princess
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Hey everyone! Just a quick update:

I called my mom up to give her a little "what for" and she started laughing! So as I'm getting even more angry, she tells me that she doesn't agree with the nitwit that wrote the column. She thought he was a complete idiot and thought I'd get a kick out of the vast amount of ignorance.

I explained that having to deal with attitudes like that guy's every day has sapped me of my sense of humor in this regard. So all's well

Heading out to the bar for a stimulating night of ice water with lime! (Drinking night's tomorrow )

Jamie - I'm wearing the princess shirt in your honor!

Froufy - Have a wonderful anniversary!

Lekker - STAY WARM!!!
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Baby Steps
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Star-my whole FAMILY is like that. My dad has been telling me the past few years 'aren't you gaining a tad too much weight'. And one Christmas he said "Boy you've sure gotten fat". Yet years ago when i was in my teens and went from 137 pounds to 115 they all said I looked sick and annorexic. Jeez. There's no making them happy. Now I'm slowly starting to lose weight and my dad said I'm nuts to do this--yet my mom's started doing Atkins also (it was a case of--Well if BRENDA can lose weight on this I can to). jeez.

went and bought a new fish tank today. And had to go and get another fish cuz one of mine died And now I think my snail croaked. Jeez.

I have a water fountain. I got it for Christmas. Hooked it up the same day and I love the sounds and watching it.
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The Princess O' Pets
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HI ladies, just checking in so you guys don't forget me!!!

Doing pretty good staing OT, although my water intake is down and my diet pepsi intake is UP!! I have to fix that next week. it is the endless hours of sitting in training and not wanting to go to the bathroom every 1/2 hr cause i might miss something! I really like the people and the Comcast Co. as a whole, they really cfare about their employees and even the P/T ones!!! So many great incentives, bennies and paid vacation time and paid time off, I don't know what to do with my myself. They are even paying us for a full day on Monday for the holiday and we have only been working there 3 days!!!

Well I have soooo much to catch up on, I NEEED to go to the gym Sat/ Sun/ Mon and my house seriously NEEEDS cleaning since i have been gone all week!!

Hope all of you are fine, i will chat ALOT more on the weekends!! Take care!!

Theo's girl
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