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Default Thursday Chat - 1/15/04

I'm all aflutter, getting to start the chat this morning! Good morning from Tucson, ya'll!

Well, some of the old stresses have crept back into my life, but I'm absolutely amazed at the difference in how I handle them, now that I have a handle on my WOE. For me, being able to be in control of what I eat sort or radiates outward....making me feel so much more in control of other aspects of life.

I just about killed myself on the glider last night. For those of you who read the posts on the Equator Challenge, I had thought I found the answer....drink a glass or two of wine before hopping on and the time goes quickly and the pain in numbed. Problem hurts like **** the next day. Also, my husband informed me that I had kicked over the little night table on his side of the bed. Now how could I not have noticed that? My doctor may have wanted me to start drinking a glass of wine each night, but I think for safety's sake I'll wait until AFTER the exercising.

Have a fabulous day, everyone!
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Paula that is so funny!

Good morning too to everyone...Not sure if Star will be with us today or if she is still is hungover from sampling for "us". She is such a giver and always willing to put her fellow princesses needs for information ahead of her own desires.

Schools are closed today - we have 6.5 inches of beautiful snow. Almost crystal looking and very powdery. I am off to shower and get the kids up. I'll do some shoveling for my equator trek miles.

Have a great day all....
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Good morning everyone! I really have a venting post today! I have been in the worst mood since I got home last night. First off i get home and my house looks it had just been hit by a tornado. I mean it was horrible. So I started cleaning and trying to get things in order, well my dh was sitting in his recliner watching tv eating pork rinds ( his is doing this WOE too!). So I told him that he needed to get up and help me. He picked up like two things and said see i am helping you. I was not amused...then my step-son who is 12 who had been eating since I got home, was now lying on the floor eating crackers and squirt cheese. That wasn't the problem, the problem was that I could hear him chewing three rooms away. the child has never learned to chew with his mouth closed, and my dh thinks that he is too young to talk to about it. Anyway, it just added to my nerves!!!!! Soooooo.....I went to bed hoping that all would be better this morning. I asked my hubby if I could get a check for my girl's daycare center, and he said that he didn't have enough. oK could it get any worse. So I said does this have anything to do with the $100 you just spent on a new satelite for the tv? And he said well that didn't help. So I was furious. Anyway I took my baby to daycare and was in a hurry because my dh used all the eggs and bacon in the house so I wanted to stop and get breakfast before work. And my 3 year old wets herself. AHHHHHHH!!! So I changed her didn't have time to get breakfast. So here I am at work hungry and mad ! OK I feel much better now!!!!
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Hi Everyone,

Made it into work today, like Kim said 6" of snow and 6 degrees outside.... WHAT AM I THINKING??????????? Accidents all over the place, the highways are so dangerous. But get this, the sun is out and the skys just got blue lol.

I think I'm going to take 1/2 a personal day tomorrow to get my hair done LOLOL!!!!

Meb1118, sorry I had to laugh at the kid eating so loud you could hear him 3 rooms away. In my family thats something that we don't do, we are all just so grossed out by it. My nephews would do it purposly to my sister b/c they knew they could bust her chops. She would look at them with an evil eye and say, if you don't stop I'll smack the snot out of you.

Have a wonderful one everybody.

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meb1118: PHEW, glad you got that out....can't imagine going through the day with all that bothering you.
Seriously, I hope your day gets better .....and you dh gets a clue!

Leens and Kim in NJ: We only got a small amount of snow last night....expecting more tonight I guess.

Spedmom: The visual was too funny. You did make me feel better though....though I was the only wine drinker in the crowd There should be a warning label on the bottle...."do not operate heavy machinery while consuming mass quantities of wine"

I had a great NS victory yesterday. I have no clothes and it has been bugging me that I haven't changed sizes yet. So I decided if I am a 14 I am a 14 and I will just have to live with that for a while. Well, a couple of weeks ago I went shopping and picked up two nice pairs of slacks with the flaired leg and they were 12's. I was thrilled but figured it was just the maker and didn't think to much of it....because at the same time I was trying on jeans and couldn't get the 14's to zip for cryin out loud. Well last night I went to Old Navy and again said "if I am a 14 I am a 14 and that is that". I took the 14's into the dressing room and they were too big! I went back out to get a pair of 12's thinking....I know these won't fit.....but they did! In fact they fit so comfortable I took them home to wash and DRY them. I never do that. If I dried my jeans I would never get into them...but these seemed to have enough room! I am thrilled. Of course I know there are still some 12's that I won't get into for a while but at least my closet now has a few 12's in it and that makes me very happy.

Have a great day everyone...will check in more later.

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Spedmom: Loved the story! I've never thought about exercising drunk. I'm uncoordinated enough as it is!

Kim: The snow sounds beautiful! (I'm just glad it's not here!! )

Meb: Sorry about your terrible evening and morning. Men can definitely be jerks.

Leens: Be careful driving!!!

Jane: Congrats on the size 12!!!!

I meant to watch "The Bachelorette" last night, but I got the wrong time... somehow! Our local news at 6 p.m. said they would see me back at 11 p.m. after "The Bachelorette." So, I was assuming it was on from 10-11 p.m. Wrong! Argh! Anyway, I'm not sure why I get so into those shows, but I love them!

So, because I missed that show, I missed out on my glider time. I was going to watch it and glide. Then, I was so mad, I didn't even use the glider. Bad excuse, I know... I still got in Pilates and walking yesterday, so it was a total loss!

I'm a little disappointed. My new raise was supposed to start with this paycheck. Since I was changing titles, from assistant to associate editor, I thought I'd have a decent raise. Well, a whole whopping $27 a paycheck wasn't what I was expecting... I keep trying to remind myself that I should feel fortunate just to have a job, but it really isn't working... Maybe that's not right... this current paycheck is for time worked Dec. 15-Dec. 31. My raise was effective Jan. 1. Maybe the raise isn't in effect yet. Why the extra $27 this month, though? Confusing stuff. If $27 is my raise, though, I'm going to start looking for another job!!

Well, I hope everyone has a great LC day!

Take care,
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Good moening Ladies,
Another shortie post since I am off to the new job again today!!! I am stil tired from yesterday PLUS I had s much nervous energy yesterday about starting a new job after 10 years of being at my old one.....I had a run in with a PB & J sandwhich and a glass of Sunny delight. (comfort foods!!) crap so now i feel even more crappy! and shaky!! Oh well back on track today and got the thought....I CAN DO THIS JOB!! I know I can so I don't know why i am so nervous about it! Plus it is a great company with lotsa perks and bennies and more money!!!! It is just so far away from Veterinary medicine...its scary!!

Talk to you tonight....I am staying on track from now on and you ladies are on my mind during the day, I miss chatting with you all day. They do have internet at work so i can talk when I get to my cube!!

Motto for the day "Carpe Diem!!!!" Sieze the day!!!
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Good morning!!

Cassie gets to go to school today!! So I have some freedom again!!

Star - How are you feeling today.. I am going to have to see about those Light Hard Lemonades... every once in a while that might be nice!

Meb - What a vent! BUt I can understand why! Im glad you got it out!!

Jina - LOL! I do the same thing when I miss a show.. get mad!! I am glad you got some exercise in!!

LEENS - 6" of snow and you drove! LOL! We had 6" last wee.. and the whole state just about shut down! What I would give to have another day of it though! It is so beautiful!

Spedmom - LOL! I never thought of that .. exercise and Wine!

Kim - are you driving today???

Jane - WOO HOO on the 12's!!!

Theo'sgirl - I love the quote! I am in that mode today too! I decided to seize the day and redo my entire website! ACK! But it needs to be done! Bad!

anyway I am off to change and weigh then get the kids off to school! Hugs to everyone!
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OMG - WE are going to be late for school.. but I dont care! I am still showing that 2 pounds gone!!! WOO HOO! 166.5!

only 6.5 pounds to my wedding weight...
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Wow, Karen!!! Way to go!! Two more pounds!?!? You're amazing!!!
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Morning all!

Karen: Congrats on the 2lb weight removal!

Theo: Hope you're starting to feel a bit more comfortable at your new job!

Jina: I'd wait until the next pay check to see what really happened. Maybe the $27 increase was something everyone got? A teeny tiny Christmas bonus? <--- normal smilies are back!! Yay!

Jane: way to go on the 12s!! Soon the 12s will be too big!

Leens: Careful on the roads - waiting for the bus the last couple of days, I have seen the strangest car maneuvers...I honestly look at some of these people and wonder if they've ever driven during the winter before?! It's not like 'winter' is a new concept up here!

Meb: glad you could vent with us! That's what were here for.

Kim: ahh, snow days! One of my favourite things about winter when I was a kid, some years we would have tons. I even had exams delayed by a whole week once (which, actually was a bit of a pain since you felt like you had to keep studying)!

Sped: hmm...exercising while drunk...interesting approach. It might make it all that much more fun!

Still in a deep freeze here. I've been here a couple hours now, but I'm still not warmed up. My council meeting went loooong again tonight. It's supposed to be about two hours, but then we keep having motions to extend the meeting by a half hour, then another half hour ... eventually I give up and go home before the official end of the meeting.

I was hungry when I got home from the meeting, and, can you believe it, but I snacked on cauliflower and broccoli (and a little of my homemade dip)'s like a twilight zone version of me!
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oh Meb....what a night/morning you had. I would be angry with dh also.....whats up with him eating all the bacon and eggs? I'd be pissed with him for not a)cooking any for me and b) for not saving me any!! I'm not sure what I'd be more angry with.....the chomping in the next room or the cracker crumbs from him eating on the floor!!! GUYS!!! ARG!!!

Jina......uh missed a great show. I love those kind of shows also. My nights are usually by myself as dh travels 4 nights aweek. Don't miss the next one.....its going to be exciting!! glad dd is feeling better and is off to school. Now you can have some time for yourself. Enjoy!! are doing awesome!! another 2lbs!! for 12!!! and I'm so impressed that yu washed them and dried them also....I usually wait until they've stretched a bit.

Leens.....enjoy your time off tommorow. watcha gonna do to your hair?hmmm, maybe a manicure too?

hey all, TOM is really bad today but somehow I've had the where with all to steam clean my carpets.(ya I know...I'll pay for that later) We've had a new steam cleaner and its just sat in the box now for over a month. My carpets are cream and I was totally grossed out at the blackness of the water!!!...YUCK!!!! **note to self....clean often with 2 pets and 2 boys!!** Pretty exciting eh? thats it and a few errands to run. Yesterday I booked McDonald's for ds 6th birthday. He is so excited about his bday in 2 weeks. He keeps asking to see the calendar to see if his bday is today!! Okay...the phone now rings and its #1 son calling from school to say that his project and progress report needs to be signed...and can I please come to the school right away to do that or he gets in trouble. ARG!!! sure I'll drop everything and meet you!!! BOYS!!!! well got to
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Good morning!!!

Kim - Hangover! OMG if I got a hangover from 2 little bottles with only 4% alcohol, I'd just give up drinking all together

That said, I'm mysteriously back up to 150 today and not at all pleased about it. SO water water water today!

Spedmom - I love the alcohol and exercise story! The only exercising I do drunk is dancing and

Meb - Boys are so dumb! As as a future cop I know that "coming down" from a shift can be a little odd, but sheesh!!! Glad you're feeling better! I would have beat the out of the stepson. Hearing people eat is one of my biggest pet peeves

Leens - are we going to get to see a picture of the fabulous new hair?

Jane - way to go on the 12's!!! That's so exciting!

Jina - no worries! That $27 has to be something else (your Christmas bonus? ) I'm sure you have bigger numbers on your next paycheck!

TG - I'm amazed you could actually eat the PB&J and the Sunny D. That would have killed me! Have a great day 2 at work!

Karen - Yippee!!!!!! You're doing so awesome!

You may have seen on the Equator Trek thread that I power-walked 2 miles at work yesterday. I was so proud of myself! Now I know I'm really a blonde. I did that stupid walk in a pair of boots I've only worn 3 times and so I ended up with blisters on my feet last night. And this morning my legs are so sore! Even my toes are sore! Mental note: must consider footwear before walking lots

Well, I have school again tonight! Diversity in Policing - ohhhhhhhhh! At least I'm pretty confident that this class won't result in my wanting a drink afterwards. My Narcotics & Other Drugs class does that to me.

I got a little fountain-thing for Christmas that I finally decided to try last night. I keep waking up coughing because it's so dry so I thought that maybe the fountain would keep enough extra moisture in the air to help. Well, I did wake up coughing and dry once, but other than that I slept sooooooooo good! I don't think it was hydration. I think it was the sound of the water. It was lovely!

Yeah! We have our normal smilies back!!!!

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I may have solved my little programming problem (that I tried to get external help about yesterday)! I'm off to run the simulation and see if it gives me what I want.
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Alright, Lekker! That's good news!

Star: I've always wanted one of those fountain things. If it will make me sleep better, that would be wonderful! Also, thanks for your research! I might have to try those out... although I'm actually pretty happy with Michelob Ultra. I've always been a beer girl myself.

Angel: That's so cute about your DS asking if it's his birthday yet!

TG: What's your new job? For some reason, I just thought you were changing clinics. I take it your new job is something completely different than you've been doing?

OK. I just got the bad news. That $26.68 on my paycheck is my raise!!! Am I being greedy or is that just ridiculous??? I have 2.5 years with the company, and I just got promoted. I was hoping for a little better payoff. That just seems insulting to me! I mean, I realize my job has lots of benefits, like working from home, good medical benefits, I work with great people, etc., but it just seems like a slap in the face. Thanks for all the time and work you've put into your company, now here's your $26.68 raise. Man, I'm bitter.

It's a good thing I didn't plan on doing anything with my big raise! I had some ideas that it would be great to use the money for, but luckily I didn't make any definite plans! I was hoping the raise would at least cover my $170 speeding ticket (Yes, I drive really, really fast, but that's my first ticket!). So much for that! Argh! Bitter, bitter, bitter!!!

Anyway, hope everyone is having a better Thursday than me!
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