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Default alcohol

Well not that im an alcoholic at all but I do miss having the occassional drink. I guess that is the price you pay for wanting to lose weight but up everything! My best friend moved away and I havent seen her for about four months and she will be here to visit on Saturday...I have decided I am going to have a few drinks....I am sure that I will have to start over on Sunday and really buckle down. I did check into some websites of carb and calorie content....I was shocked about Smirnoff Ice, which is my favorite drink....228 calories per bottle! and 32 grams of carbs! no wonder when i used to go out alot after I turned 21 was i packing on the pounds!!! Found out that Cpt Morgans spiced rum only has like .7 grams per 1/4 serving which i think is about one shot?? and the better tasting Parrot Bay Rum has 7 grams i think....they are both under 100 calories a serving it sounds like one of those with diet coke would be a better choice.

Does anyone have any input on this??
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Here's some info for you:

and for more specific info on rum, check out:

I think most spirits/hard liquors are 0 carbs, and any with flavors do have some carbs. White wine is lower carb than red (about .8 vs 2.5)....and if you add club soda to make a spritzer it will go farther.

Please do remember that alcohol affects you quicker when low carbing so you may not be able to drink as much as previously!

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Try diet coke & baccardi, 0 carbs and low calorie. My hubby likes to have one drink on the weekend and since he is also following Atkins (at his goal...grrr lolol just kidding) he has this.
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I agree... Adding a diet soft drink (eg Diet coke) to a mixed drink is a great idea that many people do not think of. I just advise you to make sure the waiter serves you the right one. I bet for every 10 diet mixers that are ordered, only one is really diet. FYI.
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So glad to hear I'm not the only one suffering! My husband works at a bar and I spend most weekend nights there with him because we don't normally see each other during the week. I made it 6 weeks not having anything but ice water while I was there. LOL - I never knew how much people at a bar could annoy me!

I finally did some research and now I generally have two drinks a night on the weekend. Normally JD and diet coke - which I always watch them pour! A friend suggests diet cherry soda and vodka. No caffiene and no carbs! It's been such a popular suggestion that the bar my husband works for is buying the soda for us
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Glad I'm not the only one also! I love my wine and have tried and tried to cut it out during the week. I can most days but some times you get home and you've just got to have one. I figure that if I am cutting down then it should still make a difference.

I cut white wine down with water or club soda so that it goes further. I can do vodka and Fresca but I don't want to make it a habit of hitting the hard stuff.

I just make sure that I am counting the carbs (wine included) and as long as I still lose then I am happy.

I'd be much happier if wine was on the acceptable food list
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