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Default 3 No-Carb Ways of Eating Fun Foods

Wouldn’t you like to eat some of your favorite foods in a way that didn’t make you gain weight? There is a way to do this: limiting the amount of carbs you eat.

Here are several ways to avoid carbs and enjoying your favorite meals.

1. Pizza. Usually it is made with dough, tomato sauce, and cheese.
When I was on a strict no-carb diet, it bothered me that I could not have pizza. Who doesn’t like pizza, right? The problem is if you would like to lose weight, there is no way you can eat pizza everyday or every other day for that matter. So after a year into my no-carb lifestyle, I finally realized a way to get out of my no-pizza misery.

Solution: I went to Subway one day and figured out that I can have their chicken breast warmed up with cheese and marinara sauce.

2. Burgers. Usually ingredients include the bun, burger, lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, and condiments.

Solution: I went to McDonald’s and asked the crew member to have a double quarter pounder without the bun. You can do the same thing for a big mac. They will put the ingredients on their salad bowl.

3. Tacos. Usually ingredients include a tortilla shell, ground beef, cheese, lettuce, and tomatoes.

Solution: I went to Taco Bell (my favorite fast food place) and realized that I can pretty much eat anything there without the shell. So I chose to have several soft tacos and asked for a fork.

That’s all it takes. You will not gain weight, but do not eat this way everyday. How come, you ask? Because your overall cholesterol and other vital health signs will be in bad shape. If you can make everything at home, then by all means do it. But for those of us who really love the way fast food companies create their food, eat in moderation and save calories by eliminating the carbs.
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Good advice. I usually ask for just the filling in a take out cup when I go to the Taquerias here near Mexico. (I tell them I am glutin sensitive, since that is the way not to get arguments. Since I go out rarely (do not like the crowds) when I do I usually go to a restaurant and ask for double vegetables, rather than a starch or potato, and a simple cut of meat like roast chicken (no breading,) steak, or a chop. I can have ribs if they are made separately from the sauce.
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