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Default How many are currently on Atkins?

Hi! I am new here and noticed that this is a forum for all LC Diets. I am on Atkins and was wondering how many other people are on it also. If so, how long have you been on it? How much have you lost so far? And about how many carbs do you eat per day?

Today is day 5 for me on induction. I have lost 5 lbs already and of course I stay withing my 20 carb allowance. Usually much lower.

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I am on Atkins. I am determined to stick with it this time. I tried Quick Weight Loss (now LA Weight Loss) back in '95. It works if you stick with it. Lost 20 lbs in 6 weeks, but I couldn't stay away from fat. I ended up gaining back the 20 lbs plus an additional 40 or so. Now with Atkins I can have some fats and I find that my cravings for carbs has subsided. I feel this is something I can stick with. I started Atkins back in July but I cheated left and right. I re-started on 08/04/03. I have lost about 10 lbs since starting in July. Would have been alot more. I will be weighing again this weekend.

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I'm in my third week of Induction and I've lost about 9 lb. I try to stay under 20 gr per day but sometimes it's a bit more. Sometimes it's less.
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Well i'm another atkins gal, let me see if I can answer all the questions. I've been on a low carb plan for one month today but on Atkins specifically for 2 weeks this coming monday. During the last month I've lost 25lbs and stay between 10-16grams of carbs a day. I stay a bit low because I don't calculate just so, that way I'm sure I don't go over. My ratios are always within 5% of optimum though. I will be staying on induction a while longer but my doctor and I will figure that out after my next visit. I have never been on a low carb plan long term before and really have never dieted, I used to exercise to stay in shape. Hope you find the info useful.

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I started Atkins at the end of March and moved on from induction to OWL about the time the yummy berries started to ripen

I aim for 20-40 g of carb a day although I'm not always under the 40 - usually I'm pretty good. I've lost 35 pounds so far although I have been struggling with the same two pounds the last couple of weeks as I'm having too much sugar alcohol and not enough exercise.

I use CalorieKing on my PDA to help me track my carbs and occasionally to figure out my rations (I find entering foods in fitday too much of a pain).

Good Luck!
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Another Atkins person here!
I've been on it since the first week of July.
I've lost about 15 pounds.
I stay under 20 carbs.
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I've been on induction for 15 days now, with 10lb loss. Once I finally get off my butt and start exercising more, it should come off a bit faster.

I'm not counting carbs in too much detail. I just sort of 'guesstimate' my way through the day, with a tendency to round up. I've stayed under 20 by my count, which likely means I've really been staying under 15, due to my overestimates.

I agree with the others here, this is far by a much easier regimen to stick to than your typical 'starvation' diets. While I may go out to eat and joke about wanting the bowl of tortilla chips on the table, I really don't care--I'm not having any difficulty at all in avoiding the things I need to.

Best of luck to ya!
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Angry My Turn....

Another Atkins follower here....about 2 1/2 months now (end of May) and have lost about 22 lbs so far, a bit slow but I love this WOE and will stick to it no matter how long it takes.

I am BAD at exercising, but still doing "modified" induction. Usually around 20 carbs, but I do add the occasional "non induction" treat....generally stay under 25 carbs, especially if I add some extra veggies which I have now started doing.

I am scared to move to OWL in a general I am slowly adding veggies first to see how it goes. I know I will have to eventually leave the "safety" of induction and move on (yes I have popped the occasional blueberry and whole milk plain yogurt...what a treat!).

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I started the 2 week induction on July 1st... I lost 7lbs in 4 days and then didn't lose another pound. I was very careful to stay within the 20g of carbs. After the 2 weeks were up, our life changed a little (still no carb loaded foods in the house) but medical problems with family led us to eat more fast food and we ended up not caring so much about supper being low-carb. Neither me or my husband gained or lost a pound during this time. Then Yesterday I started the induction once again!! I still have enough that I want to lose and I want to get it lost. I try to exercise as well, but find it's easier for me right now to eat good than it is to find the time to exercise, even if I intend to when I get home...

It does work, but it needs to be stuck with. Though when you are at the weight you want to be you can modify it to whatever works for you. My husband can eat more carbs than me and hold you have to do what's right for you.
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Default 2nd Week

I'm in my second week of induction. I lost 6 lbs the first week and won't weigh again until tomorrow. I am having a hard time staying under the 20 gr a day without feeling hungry the past few days. I think I may have figured out where I am going wrong. I am now trying to had more protein, mainly meat, into my meals. For the most part though, I am doing alright and the cravings are not to bad. My family even had pizza last night which smelled wonderful, but I didn't cave in. That was a real test for me. Next time they have pizza I think I will order chicken wings for me.

I started using the on Monday and that really shed some light on where my carbs were coming from. I am also now trying to get the ratios more in balance, like Tummy suggested.

Welcome to the group and good luck!
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I followed the Atkins Diet strictly for eight weeks and lost 13 lbs. lost the first 7 in the first two weeks of induction. I should have lost a lot more after that, however I believe that eating the Atkins Advantage bars haulted my weight loss. I still have eight more pounds to go, but right now I'm taking a break by maintaing my weight and just keeping my carb intake at a low level...about 30-40 a day. I am also currently trying out the "Phase 2" Starch Blockers when I do have something with high carbs. I will go back to the induction phase eventually to drop those eight lbs. Thanks for sharing!
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I've been on Atkins for 24 days now. I've lost 12 pounds so far. It really is a great plan. I'm never hungry and I don't crave carbs. Drinking the right amount of water is no problem, as I prefer plain water to most other drinks. The only thing is, now it takes me three or four days to drink a flavored water that used to take me about half an hour to drink. They just taste too sweet!

This group is great! Lots of advice and great support. Good luck!

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I have been on induction for 18 days. I have lost 10 lbs. I use fitday and my ratios are usualy with in a few percentage points and carbs around 20, sometimes less, but never more. I eat out aloto and find reatuarnat eating a lot easier on this than when I was on weight watchers or just a low cal/moderation diet....because I CAN eat! Last night a big salad with cheese and ceasar dressing and wonderful prime rib! Never would have eaten that on another diet!

I always drink about 100 oz of water, so no problem there! I have not given up caffiene or diet pop. I tried and it just wasn't worth the stress of giving that up at the time, maybe I will over time! They don't seem to effect me and I enjoy my coffee in the morning and my pop at night.

I do have the Atkins, morning bars i have used in a pinch and I have the "candy" bars, but have yet to eat them. I have the shakes too, but aven't tried them yet either. Just have them as a security thing more or less. LOL

I agree with is not a problem to pass up some of the things I used to eat as entire meals, it sems kind of weird, but don't care about them.

good luck
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I have been on Atkins now since 01/01/03 fell off wagon so to speak at the end of Feb.Then back on 03/25/03.I have lost to date 80lbs.I have more energy and self esteem than i have ever had.All together I have lost 123 lbs 43 lbs. was from weight watchers plan last summer. My worst weight was 496 now Im at 373 thank goodness Im tall Im 6'4".I want to get rid of at least 90 more then ill have to see .
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Spryng - I have been on Induction 10 solid days now! I am down a net of 6.. and I tend to stay below 10 carbs most days between 8 and 11 mostly! You know the rest of my story from the SAHM board!
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