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Default Starting up again & meat cooking tips?

I realized the other day that the diet I was happiest on and was able to follow the best was low carb. My falling point was thinking I was immune to going back to sugar/carb addiction ... then I gained back all the weight I lost (from 285 to now 335 as of today). Had a pretty successful first day, ate too many nuts though.

I have a hard time cooking meat that tastes good. Whenever I make meat for myself I just think it tastes bland. No one ever taught me to cook anything but BBQ beef which isn't going to work. Does anyone have any good meat cooking techniques for me? Also, seafood.
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If you've only been enjoying meat with bbq sauce, you're going to go through a period of adjustment when it comes to what tastes good to you. I am assuming the bbq sauce you used was spicy and sweet. You can still use sauces on your cooked meats, but you may need to make some of your own that don't have loads of sugar, fats and salt in them.

Other ways to enhance the flavor of meat is to marinate it with spices, something acidic and a little fat. Fat carries the flavor, but you don't need a lot of it. There are so many spices that can be used, just depends on what meat you're cooking. Adding something acidic is what helps the meat get more tender. Citrus juices are good on fish and poultry, soaking poultry in buttermilk with spices, coconut milk with curry spices for any meat to make fragrant stews or even grilled meats.

How you cook the meat adds flavor too, so if you like stronger flavors, grilling or broiling gives you a nice flavor. The high heat adds intensity from the fat. Roasting at higher temperatures can be a good choice for larger cuts of meat, whole chickens, turkey. For smaller cuts of meat, stir-fry is tasty. Heat a little fat in the pan, add aromatics like onions, garlic and ginger, to flavor the fat, then toss in the meat and stir quickly till cooked. You can add a little soy sauce, lime juice or broth at the end to make a little sauce.

For lighter flavors, try poaching. Heat a liquid in a shallow pan, add your spices, and float fish or poultry in the liquid. Put a lid on it, turn the heat down to a bare simmer and let the meat cook for maybe 20 minutes. Chicken or beef stock works as the liquid. So does wine. And coconut milk too, flavored with a stick of lemongrass, piece of ginger and lime leaves.

Do some experimenting and learn to cook some new things. There are so many recipes on the Internet. If you have a favorite famous chef (except Paula Deen!), go to the Food Network website and find their recipes.
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Thanks for your advice, I didn't say I've only been enjoying meat with bbq sauce, it is just one of the few things I know how to cook well. I actually do not like BBQ sauce very much and just have a hard time eating meat in general. THank you for taking the time for all the ideas.
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I think one of the easiest things is to just find an interesting marinade for the meat. I think Grill Mates are the ones I've been using lately and they have very few carbs. I marinade a few pieces of chicken for example, bake them in the oven, eat one for dinner, and throw the rest in the fridge to put on salads for the rest of the week. Makes work lunches really easy.

I'm also a fan of stir fry with soy sauce. I make that with chicken or beef or shrimp. Throw in some ginger for a nice flavor. Stir frys as so nice and easy. Veggies, meat and sauce. I do that a lot.

I think you'd be surprised how many flavorful marinades are out there that have low carbs and are pretty simple. In the end, you'll have to start experimenting with flavors you think you'll like. The only thing that can sometimes be a pain are the ones that tell you to marinate over night. That takes preparation which is why I do a batch at one time. But I say test some simple ones out (like the pacakged ones) and see if that will work for you. Good Luck!
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Hi- great thread here for protein receipe ideas

I have a house full of carnivours.. I usually flip through the LC cookbooks or look online and compile 4-5 days worth of recipes on the weekends, shop for those menu items and then there is no last minute (oh no time to cook, lemme throw a pizza in the oven) nights..
I try to meal plan around protein.. and usually what publix/ walmart or Winn Dixie have marked down

I make (every week) protein breakfast muffins for grab-and go for everyone and I vary the ingredients. These keep great in the fridge and reheat perfectly.

Eggs, green onion, chopped tom's, protein (we like venison or crumbled sausage) cheese, garlic.. just mix it all and spray a muffin pan with olive oil.. pour it in the tin and bake @ 380 for 20-25 mins. They are protein power houses and keep you full for hours.

Lunches- we buy chicken legs and thighs on sale. Wash, pepper and then roll in cinnamon and chipotle rub (you can get this in the spice isle) bake, cool and cover in a big dish for grab and go. My husband loves these.

Wings and drummetts- wash, pepper, sea salt them and bake in oven at 380 for 20 mins.. while this is going on, in a saucepan, mix crystal hot sauce and a stick of butter.. simmer. Drain water off of wings and slowly simmer in hot sauce- pour the wings back on to the baking sheet and bake another 5-10 mins and then broil for a few.. take them out, let them cool and refrigerate them. They are also awesome for grab and go.
I also usually steam a big bowl of italian or french cut green beans..

Meatloafs are great.. leaving out the tom sauce and breadcrumbs.. get creative. I actually shred carrots and zuchini and mix that into the ground chuck or venison, with egg, spices and we LOVE lipton mushroom soup mix.. make a meatloaf ahead of time and refrigerate for several days worth of meals.. or take the same meat mixture and pad out hamburger patties.. bake, cool and refrigerate. Love a reheated hamburger patty with a nice big salad..

Throw a london broil in the crockpot with a can of beef stock and onions.. let that cook all day.. shred it when you get in and what I do is pan fry eggs and smother the eggs with the shredded beef (trust me its to die for) or steam a whole bag of cauliflower.. put the steamed cauliflower in the blender with sea salt and pepper.. I actually blend the cauliflower and then pour that into a bowl, add a smidge of cheese and then pour the beef over that cauliflower. Its phenominal... easy to reheat. I think the key to staying on track all week is planning ahead and cooking extra! My kids devour this.. you can have a side salad if you want..

Anyway... hope some of this helps
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I put this on everything! It makes any meat taste great!
TONY CHACHERE'S Famous Creole Seasoning
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I recently tried marinating chicken breast in yogurt because that's how it's done in Indian food, and it was delicious! I just used plain yogurt, mixed in some garlic powder and salt, and marinated the chicken in it for 24 hours
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Just saw this recipe for buttermilk soaked roasted chicken. I think I'm going to give it a try. Looks good.
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