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The few times I tried low-carb dieting in the past, and one of the reasons I never gave very low-carb diets much of a chance, is because of the "low carb flu."

The low carb books always claimed it was "carb withdrawal" and that it would disappear after the first two weeks - but it never did. In fact, it often got worse.

I've learned that the symptoms of low-carb flu and low-blood sugar are one and the same. It's possible that some people's bodies do become accustomed to the new diet, and and blood sugar spikes and dives levels out.

That hasn't really happened for me, so I've learned to eat more often and not to cut carbs to Atkins induction levels (under 40g of carbs).

80g of carbs is about as low as I can go without feeling ill. I need a little more if I'm going to be exercising. For example today I went swimming, and I worked out really hard (my arms and legs felt like rubber when I got out of the pool). I had only had fruit and an egg for breakfast, so my blood sugar tanked and by the time I got home I felt like vomitting.

Before I decided that I would try to eat primally, I would have gone straight for the sugar or the starch. Something that would "fix" the flu quickly.

Instead I ate a high protein salad and a handful of cherries. It's not as fast-acting as bread or sugar would have been, so I also took a nap, as much to distract myself until my blood sugar stabilized, as because I was tired from the swim.

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Ask and you shall recieve! Thanks Colleen!
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I did, it was yucky! And it came back normal, so I guess that's good, but now seeing your thread, i wonder if it was really ok!
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Could also consider just raising carbs a little per day until the symptoms subside. Also the eating more often is a GREAT idea.

For the hypoglycemic episodes - I have this too - keep regular hard lifesavers on hand. I KNOW _ SUGAR SUGAR. But you may only need to eat a couple to get over the hypoglycemic episodes. Use them like medicine - only as needed. Better than passing out. And be sure you have a meal soon after an episode - doesn't have to be a carby meal - just a good snack or meal.
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I have been lowering the daily carbs slowly for a while and find that the kind of carbs and when I eat them, as well as what the carbs are combined with, makes a huge difference in how I feel.

I don't know if dropping from a 90-120 to a less than 50 is a drastic change for others, but to me that is a difference that would take a big adjustment, if done in one fell swoop.

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Hi, sassykathy,
I am a BFC (Belly Fat Cure) newbie, so I can't vouch for its effectiveness, yet.
However, it is a low sugar and somewhat low carb diet. If it works well, it will be an easy diet to follow. No hunger. Some of the members have done very well on it. That might be another option for you to investigate. There is no induction phase.
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I'm a little nervous because I am just starting to do the VLC (around 20% or less per day -- a la Atkins Induction), and I'm hoping to be able to feel well and sustain my energy. We shall see.

I'm also doing it in hopes of pushing through a plateau. I eat Primal, too, like Sassy.

Sassykathy - let us know how you're doing now. I also just read the entire thread and wanted to say I'm so sorry to hear about all your miscarriages. I hope you will have a healthy pregnancy soon!
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